SheAttack is 1 Year Young: Looking Back


It’s not a secret in my circle of friends that I used to hang out in the forums of MyIGN, the IGN official gaming community, quite a bit back in the day. I was in college and many of the people that I talk to on the internet I met through MyIGN. Nia, as well as some of the girls here at SheAttack are from that same site. Now it’s been a year, and an interesting and fun one at that! destinyI didn’t really know what to expect when I agreed to be a part of Nia’s gaming website. At the time many of my friends were trying out new media, going and writing for other sites and I wanted to get in on some of the action too. I had only known Nia in passing at the time, as we didn’t talk much there. That quickly changed once we started ‘working’ together on SheAttack. I got to meet so many more people, Erica, Jaleesa, Alexis, Nia and Amanda especially have been my besties, but I get along and love all of the ladies that work for the site too!

Now, it is our 1 year anniversary, and damn, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long at all! Meeting and talking with other women who share the same passion as you do is an amazing feeling, but that’s not all that has happened in the year that we’ve been together. I like to think that we, SheAttack, make up a smaller piece of the gaming community of women who have just as much of a passion for video games of all genres. We’ve come quite a long way as a smaller site since our launch and we still want to be bigger in the following years, who knows maybe we’ll be one of the main gaming websites people read and make it into your bookmarks (wink)! We can only hope. Personally, SheAttack has made me realize a whole bunch of things about myself. I’ve learned that I really love video games. Of course this seems like a simple and a matter-of-fact statement, but it took writing about video games every week to make me realize that most of my time put into video games has been rewarding and fun. There is a bit of a ‘work’ aspect of it when you start writing consistently, but it can also make you think more about games in critical terms. We are all a critic in some way but when you are playing a game to talk about your first impressions, the colors are brighter, the story is deeper and the game-play is more intense. Your senses become heightened when you know that you need to take care of every little detail to tell people about it later.

This site has made me look at games more seriously and play them much more than I had in the past. Beyond sheattackI’ve written over 50 articles and my Beyond Two Souls Critical Review and Causal vs Hardcore Gamers are among my favourite things that I have written throughout the year. I also really enjoy doing retro reviews since I started gaming in a different time and never really got to play all the older PlayStation 1 stuff that everyone raves about. My first real review/impressions on Secrets of Raetikon was the first time I actually approached the developers on a game and took an initiative interest in what they were making. I’ve recently stopped talking to the devs on many games but I want to start to get into this again in the future, how else are we supposed to get our site out there!

From Hot Men Month, to my more serious opinion peices, I’ve written a lot of things that I’m only semi-proud of. I’m no master of words like many others I know, but I want to become a little bit better at expressing myself about the things that I love. I also strive to be a writer that hits a little harder with my opinions. When I write, I have a fear of stepping on people’s toes now that I have more responsibility to maintain credibility with our readers. This is mostly because I can always see the other side of the conversation, and people are allowed to like what they like and I don’t have much of a right to say that they are wrong. All I can do is express my own opinion on matters but I usually come off too wishy-washy, which is something that I want to work on in the coming years!

In conclusion, thank you all for your continued support and we hope to go farther, get a bigger audience and get better ourselves in the future! 

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After her first gaming memory of playing Final Fantasy 7, she became a lover of JRPGs, RPGs and even MMORPGs. Her backlog keeps getting longer as she finds more games from the retro side of video games to play alongside the new. Over the years she has been expanding more into the action side of video games with the purchase of her PS3 however still has a insatiable craving for everything RPG. Introducing the often sarcastic Canadian RPG gamer, Charnelle.
  • Woot! Way to go, Char!

  • somegamergirl

    I’m not your bestie??? D: *cries*

  • Alexis Urquizo

    CHAR!!!! Happy anniversary “gamer girl” lolol ^_^ . Dude I’m sooo happy I “met” you and the rest of SheAttack!

    And it’s soo true! It is an amazing feeling to meet others that share the passion for gaming, can’t wait till we’re all together at an event! Soon enough my friend ^_^!!!

  • Ericutz4thewin

    Awesome Char! Enjoyed reading this and glad I met you too!! *Destiny Moon Mission Memoriesssss*