The 12 Games of Christmas


It’s time for the holidays when families and friends get together, eat, and be merry. As gamers, we know that no get-together is complete without some quality time spent gaming! Wondering what to play out of the games to come out of 2014? SheAttack has you covered! Here are the 12 games of Christmas; perfect for your gaming sessions with the family during the holidays!

Super Smash Brothers U


What could be better than 8 of your family members playing against each other in an all-out brawl using iconic Nintendo characters? Don’t forget to get grandma in the mix so she can surprise everyone with a victory! I know each of my grandma’s would be asking “What is going on, where am I?” What laughs to be had! This may be the perfect game for the family!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection


Okay so I know the online continues to have problems and has left a bad taste in many Halo fans’ mouths but Halo local play is always a good choice. It may be above the heads of those whom aren’t gamers in the family but how fun it would be to see them try and figure out just what the heck is going on. 4 player local play for most shooters always ends up a good time, and there’s always that one cousin who is left feeling a little salty.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Same drill here! It’s impossible to pick a first person shooter for parties without thinking about Call of Duty; it will always be one of the most played party games. For those who have just a little videogame experience, COD is something they can pick up and have fun with. And when the rookies have had their turn, the veteran COD players can get competitive and play next, having your grandparents wondering how you got so good!

NBA 2K15


Every Christmas Day, the NBA entertains us with must watch games. During halftime of the games, you have to pop in that NBA 2K! It’s mandatory! Get a quick game in before dinner and talk about that last second shot as you are eating that amazing ham and mashed potatoes.

Mario Kart 8


Need I say more? Anyone can play this and that is what makes this a top game on the list. I personally would love to play this with my mom because even she could come up with a way to spoil my win just before I pass the finish line. Get the little cousins and siblings together and watch them get competitive like you used to be when you were young. Just like the classic editions of Mario Kart, this will be a classic in the living room too; no question!

Just Dance 2015


Dancing with your family and friends is sure to make everyone’s holiday special. Just Dance 2015 has the latest dance hits and is ready to entertain you for hours. Some of my own personal favorite family memories are when we played dancing games together. I never laughed so hard. Don’t be shy! Get up there and have a dance battle with mom to one of her favorite songs!

Rayman Legends


New to the Xbox one and PS4 this year, Rayman Legends is a fun game to play and also watch. Family and friends who like platformers especially will want to join in and take a turn playing this game. You can also play co-op with up to 4 people so that makes it even better!

Madden NFL 15


If your family is anything like mine, they LOVE football. It’s almost time for the NFL playoffs and perfect timing to pop in Madden and play a game or two. Since there is no NFL football on Christmas Eve or Day, why not play Madden to get a little football in the mix? Perfect for the background as everyone is eating, you and a relative can duke it out with your favorite teams.

Trials Fusion


This is a game anyone can pick up as long as they know how to move a joystick! Go through the courses with good times and tricks, and have others in your family try and beat them. Some may see the game as silly and pointless, only to find out it’s like many games on their phone that they don’t want to put down and before you know it, this game becomes a hit.

Kinect Sports Rivals


So the hardcore gamers may sneer at this game for the motion controls but the family will love it. Anyone can jump in and play, using motion of their body to compete in games together, and then say this is their work out after the delicious meal they just had. I haven’t had to chance to try this game but having played other motion controlled games on the Kinect in the past, I know that it can make for a good time with the family.

NES Remix 2


NES Remix 2 is perfect for any gathering. It consists of 12 remixed versions of NES classics such as Kid Icarus, Metroid, Punch-Out, and Super Mario Bros. 2. Who doesn’t like old school Mario? One thing I’ve always loved about Nintendo is when they bring back old school titles I grew up on. Parents and grandparents will most likely remember a few of these titles and if not, you can share these classics with them for the first time!

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare


Play together in PvZ with Co-op modes as well as taking your talents to online. Working together and taking on zombies is fun for the whole family!

I hope this list helps in case of “gamers block” this holiday! Regardless of what you celebrate or don’t celebrate, what is most important is that we spend our time with those we love. Gaming together is a valued tradition by gamers and we know it is tons of fun and makes any occasion better! Happy Gaming and Happy Holidays from SheAttack!

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  • All of these games are great for the holidays. Especially those on break. Good article idea.

  • Sam Fisher

    No Last of Us Remastered??? WTF the multiplayer alone is worth the honorable mention.