3 Bold Predictions For The Big 3 at E3


E3 is less than four days away and many gaming journalists, as well as gamers are weighing in with their predictions! Here at SheAttack, we are doing the same and getting set to bring you loads of content. Excitement is an understatement! I am really looking forward to E3 so as I wait for the show, I wanted to share my bold predictions for the Big 3 (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony).

These aren’t the typical predictions we can bet on. Bold predictions are meant to be risky and the likeliness of these actually happening are slim. Call this a wishlist if you would like! These predictions, if they come true, would be so amazing to me that I would probably look at my bank account to see if I could manage buying the Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4 all at once. So let’s get to it!

Nintendo Does a Barrel Roll Into Victory


Being the underdog, Nintendo isn’t brought up much in the conversation of who will “win” E3 and much of the focus is just on Microsoft and Sony.  A lot of that is due to Nintendo not taking the big stage at E3 and instead, having smaller conferences and digital events much like last year. I think that even with the smaller non-mainstream events, Nintendo can make a big statement at E3 not just with Nintendo fans but with everyone and if I had to predict the one game to do that, it would be none other than a brand spanking new Star Fox for the Wii U!

Star Fox is one of the franchises Nintendo has not payed attention to in years. Many fans would love to see a new Star Fox in HD, with the power of the Wii U and this announcement would create so much hype in the gaming community. It will be such a shame if this does not happen, however Nintendo could come close to this greatness with a new Metroid which is far more likely or a new Zelda trailer which is indeed in the works. Regardless, I feel Nintendo has the power to turn many heads at E3! Go Nintendo!


Microsoft Brings Gears of War Fans Back in 30 Seconds


Okay, I know, a new Gears of War is in fact coming but hear me out.  We know it’s coming but what we don’t know is how it is going to be delivered. We don’t know the premise, the protagonist, or the story and those three things, if done right, is what can bring fans back to the series. Gears of War: Judgment had left a bad taste in many Gears fans’ mouths.  In fact, when skeptics are asked about the new game, a lot of them say they will consider buying a new Gears, “as long as it’s not like Judgment.”

Gears of War: Judgment was not a true prequel;  It was a spin-off. The game had nothing to do with Marcus Fenix and that is where I believe the game went wrong from the very beginning. Many fans stopped playing Gears of War because of feeling “betrayed” by the series. So how do we bring them back? It’s simple; Marcus needs to return.  All it takes is 30 seconds for Microsoft to cut the lights and show off a brand new trailer of the next Gears of War teaser trailer and have a glimpse of a true prequel that follows Marcus Fenix during the end of the Pendulum Wars. Not only will we see a familiar face but when the game does come out, perhaps we can finally have the question answered of how the locusts and Queen Myrrah came to be; something long time gears fans have wanted to know.

Halo fans will be on board for the next Halo and as arguably the 2nd most important Microsoft franchise, Gears of War needs the same assurance. This plan, if executed, could nail it. Come on Microsoft, you can do it!


Sony’s Dominance Lasts With a Release Date for The Last Guardian


The Last Guardian has almost become an urban legend.  Many are wondering if it will be shown at E3 or if it’s still even in production at all! The Last Guardian was officially announced at E3 in 2009 but since then we have not received a release date or seen new footage. When I first saw the game announced, up until that point, it was really the only game that enticed me to want a PS3 because at the time I did not own one and had just got my Xbox 360. The Last Guardian was that game that made me want a PS3 and although I ended up getting into the PS3 later on down the line, it would have been a lot sooner if it had been released.

There is no news of a platform change now that the PS4 is out but Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has stated that “We are waiting for the right time to re-introduce (The Last Guardian).” Now is the time Sony and not only do we want a reintroduction but we want a release date.  Heck, a release window would be nice. If this could happen, Sony would hit a home run at E3. Sure, The Last of Us is being re-mastered, sure we will see indie games, sure we will see Uncharted.  Those are givens but what I and I’m sure many of you really want to see is that The Last Guardian is alive and due sometime soon!

So there you have it! Probably not the most dramatic predictions but these are definitely predictions that if come true, I will be one happy camper. As for who wins E3? If these predictions came true, we all win. I can’t wait to see what E3 brings and be sure and visit SheAttack.com for all the latest E3 news!


What do you think of these predictions? Do you have any BOLD predictions for E3? Let us know!

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  • A new Starfox would bring down the house! I really hope Nintendo revives some of their old IPs this gen. Also, that Last Guardian! Please do it, Sony! As far as Microsoft is concerned, they’re honestly a mystery to me. I really think they could surprise us with something good.

  • I hope you’re right!