Four Dream Game Releases We May Never See


With many highly anticipated games on their way for 2016, gamers have a lot to look forward to – but what about those games that we’ve been hoping for, that just don’t ever seem to be announced? I’m talking about those dream game games that seem to have made a home in our imagination, but have little chance of making it onto the market. Here are some of mine. Discuss if you agree with them!

1) Dragon Age 4: Centered on the Warden

Dragon Age Origins was one of the most exciting games that I’ve ever played. In fact, the fantastic game writing inspired me to really delve deeper into the narrative capabilities of the medium. As a result, I’m a little bit more than attached to my Warden/Hero of Ferelden. I put a lot of myself into the character I created. After perusing the internet a bit, I saw that quite a few people share the sentiment. The Warden played a miniscule part in the newest installment of the series, Dragon Age Inquisition. But, the note she (he, depending how you chose to play the game) left spoke about finding a cure for the wardens as an excuse for not being there to help the war effort. This got me thinking…what if the next game focused on the Warden’s journey in finding a cure? There are some technicalities. For example, some players chose to sacrifice their Warden. There’s also the fact that the character lacked a voice, and the graphics have significantly changed since the first game was released. I’d play any Dragon Age, but more of the Warden would be a sweet deal!

2) An Online Sims Game

I had heard rumors that Sims 4 was originally meant to be an online game that encouraged social interaction between simmers. There’s a huge community of us simmers who take to the forums, Tumblr, Twitter and even Facebook to share our creations and take part in each other’s games. A while back, Sims Online was a thing. Unfortunately, I was too late to the party and found out about it when it had already shut its doors. To my understanding, you made a sim and their neighbors were other players. How cool would it be to have your sim visit their friend, and have that other sim controlled by another player around the world? This game seems unlikely to be released in the near future. Sims Online failed in one aspect because they weren’t able to properly filter out bad behavior and internet trolls. For now, we’ll have to make due with online games like Second Life.

3) Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core HD Remake

When the HD remake of Final Fantasy 7 was announced, heads rolled. People screamed, cried, gasped – you name it. The shock and rejoice from fans of the series was all that could be talked about for weeks after the initial reaction. To prepare us for the game, I think it’d be a good idea for Square Enix to re-release Final Fantasy Crisis Core for the PlayStation 4. Zack is easily one of my favorite video game characters of all time. His story is incredibly well written. If anything, I think that it’d serve to enhance Enix’s sales. New fans of the series would buy the prequel to FF 7 and then after playing that, would spend even more money on Final Fantasy 7. Considering it was a PSP game, I’m not asking for a whole remake, but a remaster/port like Final Fantasy 10 or Type 0 would be awesome.

4) Left 4 Dead 3

Well, this is closer to becoming reality than the other games on this list. There are rumors that Left for Dead 3 is in production, but the sources are unconfirmed. Left for Dead 2 came out in 2009 and featured a brand new cast and a whole new set of campaigns as well as old ones we came to love. With mods in high supply for the game, it’s no wonder that Valve is silent about an updated version. Mods leave the game feeling new and fresh. While fans of the series would love a new installment, there is still content being made by fans for the current game. Also, there’s a bar that Valve has set for themselves. Left for Dead 2 is still being played by a lot of people 7 years after its initial release. Valve has some big shoes to fill with Left for Dead 3 which may be why they’re taking their sweet time.

These are some games that I’d love to see. Do you agree or have different games on your list? Let me know in the comments below!

  • gunjydna93

    I want Zack Fair in Smash. Maybe a .hack game with Tri-Edge as a playable character

  • Streets of Rage!!!!!!!!!! 🙁