5 Entertaining Companions in Games


At the center of all good storytelling is compelling characters. Poorly written characters can destroy even the most thought out and well written plots. The best way to keep a player immersed in the story is by creating characters that are not only believable in their world, but relatable in ours as well. This article will discuss some of the funniest companion characters I’ve come across in game. Companions follow the player character around and help in battle. Usually, they bark out one liners to keep players immersed, or help push them in the right direction. In more interactive games, you can find out more about the characters from their own lips, by talking to them and getting them to like you.  Now, on to the list:


1.   Atton Rand:

From Knights of the Old Republic 2, Atton is one of the funniest characters on the Ebon Hawk. You first meet Atton in the Peragus Mining Station, locked in a force cage. He comments on your character’s lack of clothes, and it becomes a beautiful relationship of sarcasm and one liners ever since. The funniest interactions are actually between Atton and other characters aboard the ship. His relationship with T3, a droid, is hilarious. It’s a series of beeps from T3 and really angry remarks from Atton. Take for example, a sarcastic remark he makes once landing on a planet he is so fond of:


“Ah the beautiful stench of decay and desperate living.”


2.  Ellis:

Ellis is unique in that he can be a companion or a playable character in Left for Dead 2. Ellis is a country boy with a loud mouth. He’s a stark contrast from the other survivors he travels with. What makes him extremely funny are his stories. There are so many stories, and almost none of them are ever completed. He’s always cut off by something, usually the other survivors who have just had enough of his pointless stories. Ellis is not about to let some zombies ruin his good time. A prime example,


“Jimmy Gibbs, Jr. is the man. I mean I don’t know anybody like that, man. But there was this guy I knew, he raced dirt tracks, not stock cars but open wheeled cars you know, and he was racing once and a goat…” followed of course by Rochelle’s “Ellis Sweety, can this wait?”  


Guess we’ll never know about what happened to that goat.


3. Garrus Vakarian:

Garrus is one of the most loved characters in the Mass Effect series, and it’s no secret why. He’s one funny alien. Garrus is not over the top like Ellis or Atton. His quips are more subtle and are only amplified by how relatable this alien is. He’s awkward and says what’s on his mind just like any of us. I think the real charm that Garrus possesses is his awareness of what is happening and how he, no matter what happens, will always have your character’s back. It’s not easy to hate this guy. Take for example a serious admission form Shephard:


“I couldn’t do this without you, Garrus.” With which he replies, “Of course you could. Just not as stylishly.”


4. Dorian Pavus

Dorian Pavus is the first exclusively gay male character in the Dragon Age series. He’s quick with a wit but also wildly sincere about his beliefs. As a character, Dorian isn’t just a show piece, but a really important asset to the story. Whether you choose to romance him or not makes no difference, because he will always be loyal to your inquisitor. Perhaps the hilarity lies in the fact that Dorian is a gay Tevinter mage, three of the most hated things in the lore, all wrapped together into one nicely dressed package. He knows where he stands, but he doesn’t let that get him down.  Dorian has a sarcastic remark for every occasion. When he’s low on health he’ll shout,


“I’m too pretty to die!” 


5. Deacon

Deacon is perhaps one of the funniest characters to take with you on your journey through the Commonwealth. In Fallout 4, you meet Deacon when you approach one of the in game factions, the Railroad. He’s a sneaky guy who seems to have a bit of a lying problem. But hey, I’m okay with that as long as he keeps laughing at his own jokes. Even Deacon thinks he’s funny. What I find the funniest about his character is that he has to be disguised in order to hide his affiliation with the Railroad. Can’t have everyone in the Commonwealth knowing who he is, can he? While traveling with you, Deacon will disappear for a few seconds and come back with an entirely new outfit (and sometimes hairstyle). How he gets dressed so fast, I will never know. When ordering Deacon to stay put, he’ll say,


“Absolutely, and my eagerness is totally unrelated to wanting a smoke break.” 



Are there any characters you think should make this list? Let me know in the comments below.