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Over these last few days before, during and after the Christmas season, Steam has been having their annual sale of all things video games. I bought a couple of games myself, one of which was Nimble Quest. The game has been out on Android and iOS devices since March 28th 2013 and has just recently, on December 8th 2013, was released on Steam as a paid download.

Nimble Quest is a Snake-like adventure game where you lead ‘a conga line of heroes’ through various stages. The rules are simple, you cannot stop, and once the lead character of the line is killed it is game over. Each stage unlocks a new character and increases the difficulty and how many creatures are required to be killed in order to move on. There are items that can be dropped by the enemies that are helpful such as potions that heal all your characters, ice that freezes all currently spawned enemies or a barrier that protects your main character for a while and more.


There are upgrades that can be unlocked with the gems that you get through the stages. There are upgrades to make items that appear in the game stronger or last longer or you can choose to upgrade your characters. Each character can be upgraded three times, counted in stars but upgrading all the characters is no easy task. You can pay to upgrade them or let them earn their stars by using them as your starting character. For each monster that they kill they get a point and after each star is acquired the next level becomes harder to obtain. For example, the first star only costs 1000 enemies or the equivalent in currency but the next requires 10,000. Not only does the character’s appearance change after each level but they also gain different stat bonuses after each is obtained. Things like 50% more armour, 25% more attack speed are just some of the bonuses that can be applied. Each character has a different set of bonuses that they can get for each star which helps with their abilities whether ranged or not.

There is a normal mode, and an arena mode where you join a guild and each week compete for the guild. It gives you a random character to use and at the end you receive coins for your effort in corresponding to how well you did outlasting the constantly spawning enemies. Coins are used to buy boosts through the regular mode and skip through levels and gain characters, even to retry levels that you fail on.

With the amount of things that can be upgraded and the characters to be unlocked with various stages, this game is a fun pick-up-and-play game with the game ending only when everything has been obtained.

Nimble Quest is available on Steam for $4.99 and on iOS for free.

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  • Looks good…I’ll try it if it comes to a Sony platform 😉 #IWantIn

  • Noted! Bang bang!

  • I’ve been running some Rogue Legacy recently, speaking of Addicting Games. I will give this one a shot, it looks like fun.

  • Interesting how a lot of the addictive games these days are mostly mobile/indie games. “Triple A’s” really need to step their Fun up.