Another Castle: Faith Connors


Faith Connors of Mirror’s Edge fame has won praise all over gaming culture for her non-sexualized design and her realistic body type. And we love that. We love when female character are designed to be more accessible and relatable to all audiences, not just desired by some and scorned by others. But obviously, there’s much more to her than that.

How much more, however, we don’t quite know.

The events of the first Mirror’s Edge game gave us a look into Faith’s personality and motivations, but not a lot of her past.

Luckily, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is not far off and with it will come the story behind Faith’s origins as a Runner, why she was put out of commission before and how, and hopefully a better glimpse into her and Kate’s past.

But for now, there’s nothing to do but sit and wait for it, so why don’t we bide the time by exploring what we do know about Faith and why she’s kick-ass.

So let’s take a leap of Faith into this week’s Another Castle!

Name: Faith Connors


Age: 24

Occupation: Runner

Aliases: Effie

Personality: Faith is an independent and resourceful young woman who’s always taken matters into her own hands. When her mother’s death caused a rift in her family and led her father to alcoholism, she decided she’d rather leave and be on her own than live in that broken home.

Despite leaving her family behind, she doesn’t completely detach herself from them and is shown to still have a close relationship with her sister and trusts her without hesitation. She also can’t help but investigate the possible beef another member of the Libertas movement might’ve had with her dad and goes to look for him to get some answers.

Unlike a lot of characters with her sort of backstory, Faith isn’t afraid to form bonds and friendships with the people around her, especially Mercury, who could’ve just as easily turned her in but chose to train her as a Runner instead. She also cares very deeply for her sister, going as far as to put herself in harm’s way to protect her and clear her name.

She has always been headstrong, being born into a family of political protestors against the City’s regime, and detests the way the City demands control and obedience over its inhabitants.

Faith is the type of person who won’t stop until all of her questions are answered, ignoring several people who might advise her to step away before she gets in over her head because she knows finding the truth is the right thing to do.

Faith is confident in her skills, telling her friend Celeste “I’ll survive,” when telling her her plans to interrupt a secret rendezvous that might unearth some information as to who framed her sister as a murderer and why. This often puts her danger, as Celeste reminds her that maybe she should try living once in a while, instead of merely surviving.

Abilities: Parkour, stealth, disarming, basic hand-to-hand and gun combat
Mirror’s Edge series

Why she rocks:

Faith is awesome because she never is and never has been the damsel in distress. She protects herself, she fends for herself, she supports herself in this oppressive City scape. She’s part of a team, but she’s also a team of one. Faith can and will do everything she needs to do for her assignments and her own ventures by herself and for herself.

She was fully prepared to live on the street, on her own, making her way through petty thievery, after she left her family, but through pure coincidence she managed to end up as part of the Runners, whose goal was to continue the work her parents’ movement started.

She fights for and stands behind what she believes in, whether that’s the movement or her sister. She has a lot of loyalties and does her best to stand by each of those as she can.

Why you should play her game:

Who doesn’t love a totalitarian, pre-dystopian setting for a story? Faith’s story centers around the City’s oppressive regime that’s threatening to take them all down at any moment and it explores both the revolutionaries’ and the City’s side of the story really well.

Besides the unique storyline, the game is aesthetically beautiful. The cityscape is wide and open and colorful and the visual effects when Faith leaps from building to building are so realistic, you almost get vertigo.

The free-running itself is also a really cool game mechanic, because it leaves you at the mercy of your own innovation. Whenever it may seem like there isn’t a way for you to climb your way out of a situation, a new pathway might appear.

The art style is also super cool, especially in the cutscenes that explain a lot of the story.

Why we’re glad she’s out here reppin’ for the ladies:

Faith has always been very independent and what’s amazing is that she stays that way throughout her story. She isn’t afraid to take help from others, though, and she has friends, which is a cool layer to her character. She’s happy to let people into her life and open up to them, but she won’t hesitate to cut someone out of her life when they don’t do any good for her.

Also, Faith doesn’t have a love interest. And don’t get it twisted, I love a good romance every so often, but a lot of writers find it nearly impossible to have a female character in a game that isn’t a romantic interest to someone else, usually a man. And that’s fine! It’s cute and fun and makes for great replayability, especially in games like Mass Effect where you have a couple of different paths to take romantically and different ways to take them and you might have to play the game a few different times to see them all.

My issue comes around when it’s unrealistic to have a romantic interest and that’s why I love Faith.

They’re living in a pre-dystopian, totalitarian City scape and Faith is part of an underground resistance movement that requires her to literally run from rooftop to rooftop to deliver sensitive materials to other members of the resistance and her life and the lives of her friends and family could be in danger at any moment. She doesn’t have time for romance and I like that she also doesn’t lament about never having a boyfriend.
She’s a driven and focused woman (of color, yay, intersectionality!) who isn’t overly sexualized and takes care of her business.

Fun facts:

Faith’s tattoo under her right eye was to commemorate her first official run after joining up with Mercury. She got her second, “circuitry” tattoo on her arm after she found out the truth about her mother’s involvement in Silvine Security Systems and in honor of her mother.

Another Castle will update weekly, which is just enough time to play all the games your new favorite character is featured in (you’ll be fine if you don’t sleep).