Another Castle: Maxine Caulfield


Life is Strange. Everyone’s favorite new artsy-fartsy, indie game.

The first four episodes of the game are already out and available to play, and the fifth episode, Polarized, will be out in just a few weeks on October 20th.

So let’s dive into the mind of the series’s main character, the selfie-taking, time-traveling, nerdy girl – Max!

Name: Maxine Caulfield

Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Aliases: Max


Max is a shy and geeky girl who returns to her hometown of Arcadia Bay, Oregon to attend the illustrious Blackwell Academy to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer. She’s very driven by her dream and takes her polaroid camera with her everywhere she goes and even takes daily selfies with it.

When Max discovers that she has the power to reverse and manipulate time, she reunites with her childhood best friend Chloe, all in the same day. She’s immediately shocked and confused, but she uses her newfound abilities to help herself and those around her.

Being an episodic, decision-driven game, a lot of Max’s specific personality traits are influenced by the decisions the player makes throughout the story. She becomes a certain type of person based on a certain decision.

Over all, Max is very humble and loyal to her friends. She immediately agrees to help Chloe figure out what happened to her friend Rachel and hopes to rekindle their friendship.

Abilities: Time Travel and Manipulation, Photography

Her game: Life is Strange

Why she rocks:

Maxine is purely herself throughout the whole game. A lot of Max’s choices are left up to your discretion, but a lot of the time, she’s glad when she makes the choice to help her friends. She wants to help Chloe unravel the dark secrets of their town and find her friend Rachel, and she cares a lot about her friend, Kate, who is the victim of bullying.

While she isn’t very outspoken, Max will defend her friends from people who are treating them badly.

Not only is Max the female lead of a very popular game series, she’s also the queer female lead to a very popular video game series. Depending on some of your choices, Max can either end up with her classmate, Warren, or Chloe. It’s always amazing to see a female lead whose story isn’t totally driven by romance but when it is, she’s given choices.

Why you should play her game:

Life is Strange is great for those who love episodic games that are plot-heavy. The characters are fun and you can really get invested in their stories. The game leaves a lot of choices up to you and those choices can affect what happens later in the game, which is always cool because it ups the game’s replayability by a lot.

Besides that, the game is released in episodes so there’s going to be new content coming out every few weeks (for at least the next episode, episode 5.)

Why we’re glad she’s out here reppin’ for the ladies:

I already touched on the queer/bisexual thing with Max, but I’m gonna reiterate it because that’s awesome.

Queer representation is so important in all sorts of media, but video games is where we have far too little representation and it’s awesome to see an LGBTQ+ lead in any game. Life is Strange also does a great job of not making too big a deal out the fact that Max is queer. Either she dates a girl, or she doesn’t, nothing more than that.

And while we’re not too starved for girls with supernatural powers in games, it’s always fun to find another one who is realistic about her confusion about the whole “suddenly I have powers” thing.

Fun fact:

There is symbolism throughout the game that associates Max with a doe, and she encounters the spirit (or the hallucination of a spirit) of a Doe that guides her several times throughout the story. In a conversation with one of her classmates about spirit animals, Max confirms that hers is a doe.