Another Rush of Persona News


Atlus likes to give out their news in bursts, not that I’m complaining, this is the most news I’ve seen from them in five years over the course of a couple of months!

A Mysterious Hint

This morning while checking my beloved Siliconera I saw that they were given a hint from Atlus USA about an upcoming game. The hint came in the form of a riddle and they asked their audience to try and help them figure out what it meant. The clue was “Origami Rhino Oh Yo”, which put into simple Japanese is “おりがみりのおうよ”. Add in a little bit of English accent and kanji and you get what the people in the comments are saying is “俺は未来の王よ” which translates to “I am the future king”. Since I can’t think of anything better to translate this to, I’m going to say that they are right, but now the real question remains. Is this a hint pointing to the inevitable Persona 5, or a new game that is about to be localized? Could this be a new IP altogether?

Persona 4 Golden Anime

While this doesn’t concern many people on the gaming side of things, it is news nevertheless. Persona 4 Golden will be receiving an anime in Japan this coming July. Trailer is below:

If you thought it was going to end at just the Persona 4 anime, you were wrong. There is still some debate whether this will be a re-do of the series with some of Golden’s scenes added in, or an OVA that just looks at some of the extra scenes. Knowing the Atlus team it is probably a complete series with the added characters and scenes taken from Persona 4 Golden. 

Persona Magazine?

During 2011 to 2012 Atlus published a monthly magazine that contained everything to do with Persona. Atlus have now announced that they will publish one more magazine in June. This is going to be one sought after magazine, especially if it contains information about Persona 5 which is coming to Japan near the end of the year (2015 for us in NA).

An older version, advertising the Persona 4 anime and a throwback to Persona 3

This isn’t quite as big of a deal for us over here, but what if they did do this for more games? I could go for a monthly running Final Fantasy Magazine, anyone? Anyone?

Everybody Likes Sales!

Finally, Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita) and Persona 4 Arena (PS3) are on sale…again! Golden is now going for the outrageous price of 19.49 (even lower if you have PS Plus) and Arena is 14.99. Two modest prices for two wonderful games! Persona 4 Arena: Ultimate Edition, which is just the DLC pumped version of Arena is also on sale for 22.99. These are all available until May 6th, where Shin Megami Tensei IV will get it’s time in the sale spotlight!

Unrelated question time! Do you care about these random announcements or do you feel that Atlus needs to put more energy into other things?


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