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Ellie was launched into the gaming scene early, beginning her career in the '90s playing Mario Kart 64 with her father. Her affinity for video games only grew, and since then she's avidly gamed on a number of consoles, ranging from Dreamcast to the Xbox 360. Her favorite games are Sonic Adventure (1&2), Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Soul Calibur, and Pokemon. Currently, she is a college student studying Psychology who models, writes creative prose, and cosplays in her spare time.

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resident evil 0 remastered

Four days ago, Capcom confirmed rumors of a Resident Evil 0 HD Remake with a video announcement. In said video, producer Tsukasa Takenaka and director Koji Oda announce gleefully that the series’ prequel is in the works of being redone for early next year. Set merely a day before the infamous events of the mansion incident covered in Resident Evil, 0 follows the unlikely duo of S.T.A.R.S member Rebecca Chambers and ex-convict Billy Coen as they unravel a gruesome mystery concerning leeches, zombies, and an infested train.

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Revelations 2

When news of Resident Evil Revelations 2 first hit the gaming community, I could barely contain my excitement. Claire Redfield was making her first appearance since my favorite title, 1999’s Resident Evil: Code Veronica. In addition, veteran character Barry Burton’s daughter, Moira, was due to make her debut. For the first time in a good while, I found myself eagerly anticipating the release of a console game.

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There’s something gripping about a good story, whether it be in a book or a game, and I strongly believe that this hold is what helps to raise the sentimental value of some titles more than others. And just what exactly is it that gives a story its substance? The characters. Sure, one can play a Halo over and over for the gameplay appeal, but where lies the emotional grip? In honor of some of my favorite games and characters, I’ve compiled a list of my top five most developed characters in gaming.

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Can Resident Evil resurrect its dying fanbase with two new games?

resident evil

Two new upcoming game releases and a sharp, sleek redesign of a past remake are the current endeavors of Capcom’s long time horror-turned-action game series, Resident Evil. But even with all the anticipated hype of two new games (one of which features the beloved, long missing heroine of the original games, Claire Redfield), does Resident Evil conjure the same excitement and frenzy that it once did back in its hey-day?

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What was so significant about 9/9/99? Other than the coincidental overload of ‘9s’ for one date, the U.S. release of what was and still continues to be my all-time favorite console, Sega’s Dreamcast. This console, tragically, was Sega’s final attempt at console production, and turned out to be a failed fiasco … on the market. Only two years after its initial U.S. release, in 2001, Dreamcast was discontinued and pulled from the shelves.