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People in the gaming community believe that women and gaming don’t mix well. Jaleesa Foster, AKA Crunkgirl711, challenges this statement and brings "hardcore female gamers" to the forefront. Hailing from the small town of Lancaster, SC, Jaleesa has taught many old school gamers that it doesn’t matter what sex you are; we are all gamers, we love our addictions, and we could care less what outsiders think. She’s an open-minded gamer with a special love for sports games like NBA 2K, NBA Live, and Madden to the Uncharteds, God of Wars, and the Infamous series. She is a dork, gamer, artist, and geek by destiny, not by choice. Yeah, she’s awesome. Enough said.

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PlayStation Plus owners are in for a treat.

Best of E3 sale

PlayStation decided to give fans and consumers a huge blow out sale in the PlayStation store based on the best of E3 2016. From movies to games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, there are loads of older, and even some newer, titles that have gotten tremendous price drops for up to 60% off! If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, sales range up to 80% off. The PlayStation Store’s Best of E3 Sale ends Tuesday, June 21st. Check out all of the titles below.

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Ubisoft finally showed off new gameplay of their highly anticipated title Ghost Recon: Wildlands. These are my impressions.

It seems Ubisoft is bringing another heavy hitter from the vault of fantastic games they have for 2017. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands was shown at E3 2015 with a CGI teaser trailer. At this year’s conference, we finally got to see an early build of the game, learned new details about the gameplay, and also got a release date. The gameplay showed what we already knew – that co-op was going to be bigger and better than ever before in the Ghost Recon franchise. The world looked massive and it seems each squad member has a particular job to do for missions. Ghost Recon: Wildlands is set in Bolivia where a Mexican cartel has taken over the area and seized one of the local coca crops. A United States Special Ops team is sent to find the cartel and destroy their gang.

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EA kicked off 2016’s E3 week with its new EA Play event and sports games played a major part of the conference. Madden and Fifa 17 scored much of the presenters’ time and for good reason. Both franchises are two of Electronic Arts’ biggest money makers. Madden has had its ups and downs over the years, but Madden 16 overcame great strides with new modes like Draft Champions and gameplay changes with juke moves – all of this taking advantage of the brand new Frostbite engine. Here’s the full breakdown of all of the modes and features within Madden 17 that we know so far.

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Street Fighter V

Street Fighter is one of most iconic and beloved fighting games to ever hit the gaming market. Capcom has been putting out franchise installments for over 20 years and with each iteration they push the fighting game genre to become better. As a person who plays games from many different genres, I must admit I am not the greatest at fighters, but I do enjoy the competitiveness of it all. After putting in several hours with the game, here are my impressions of Street Fighter V for the PlayStation 4.

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2015 has come and gone and 8th generation consoles are continually flourishing. Hardware numbers, and more importantly software sales, are up from last generation – which is great for the companies. This is driving the industry forward. As a gamer, it’s always a treat to know what’s coming for all companies and compiling that most anticipated list. Third party titles make up a large chuck of a console’s library, but for most gamers it’s always the exclusives that keep them coming back to their preferred console of choice. For me in 2016, Sony has a barrage of first and third party titles coming that interest me. From older IPs like Uncharted 4 to new and exciting IPs like Horizon: Zero Dawn, finally after 2 years first party content is stepping up and bringing some heat to the PlayStation games line up.

On this week’s episode of Lets Get Crunk, Jaleesa discuses the 2015 NBA Finals with her predictions and keys to victory. After a hard fought season and great conference playoffs, the 2015 NBA Finals are finally here and we are in for a treat. The Cleveland Cavaliers and The Golden State Warriors will duke it out to see who is the best team in the NBA this year.