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Kylie enjoys the simple things in life. The Ace Attorney series, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Mortal Kombat, and Smash Bros. are her jam. She also enjoys story-based games, puzzle games, and turn-based RPGs in her leisure time.

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assassin's creed templars

Rejoice, people!

Just because Ubisoft has decided to take a year off from Assassin’s Creed doesn’t mean you can’t still get your fix! If you’ve already perfected Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and have nothing to tide you over until the Assassin’s Creed movie releases, keep your eyes peeled because on March 23rd, Titan Comic’s brand-new Assassin’s Creed: Templars #1 will make its debut!

Welcome friends to a special let’s player highlight edition of Another Castle!

I know that I usually focus on video game characters during Another Castle, but I think this woman should be just as celebrated as any character for what she brings to the gaming world. Meet Shirley Curry, or Grandma Shirley, as she calls herself, a 79-year-old grandmother from Virginia with a Let’s Play channel with nearly 115,000 subscribers.

juliet starling

In the last several years, there have been more zombie-slayer games than we know what to do with. Especially since a lot of them seem to have the same idea behind them: the world is ending, you have no idea how or why this is happening, but you just need to survive. You use your limited skills and probably a big gun to force your way through hordes of the undead until you can find some sort of sanctuary.


Faith Connors of Mirror’s Edge fame has won praise all over gaming culture for her non-sexualized design and her realistic body type. And we love that. We love when female character are designed to be more accessible and relatable to all audiences, not just desired by some and scorned by others. But obviously, there’s much more to her than that.