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Kylie is a Communication and Media Arts major who aspires to work in the video game industry while drinking the occasional latte. Kylie fell in love with video games, anime and Cloud Strife at a very young age. When she is not vicariously living her life through the virtual world, you can catch her at the dog park with her Shiba Inu and her Australian Shepard mix.

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toki tori

Toki Tori 2+ is an adorable puzzle adventure game that was created by Two Tribes. It had previously been released on Steam and the Wii U, but has just been brought to the PlayStation 4 on February 23rd.

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On February 27, 1996, Pokémon entered the hearts and souls of children across Japan. These pocket monsters soon became a worldwide phenomenon through trading cards, anime and video games. With the 20 year anniversary approaching faster than we realize, it brings up some nostalgic memories of my childhood. I’ve been reminiscing through my collection of Pokémon themed video games for my Nintendo 64. I loved those games through all of their 64-bit glory. However, it hit me like a brick wall today, why aren’t there any Pokemon remakes for the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS? Since I don’t foresee my dream coming true anytime soon, let’s take a trip down memory lane as we imagine what these brilliant titles would look like today.

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and there are couples everywhere. There are tons of articles floating around the wonderful web about what gifts to give for V-Day, what romantic things to do for V-Day and what are the hottest romance films to watch this Valentine’s season. What about the people who don’t have someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with? Why can’t we have an article for them? Well, here it is! For those that are sitting at home this Hallmark holiday season, get ready to have a great night doing what we do best – playing video games. However, not just any video game, simulation dating games (also known as sim dating games.) If you can’t go out with a special someone, why not have your own special waifu come to you virtually? Here are five dating sim games to play this Valentine’s Day!

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2016 is going to be an immaculate year for Japanese Role Playing Game fans across the globe!  While there are numerous JRPG titles launching this year, I have accumulated a list of my top 3 highly anticipated JRPGs that are set to release in 2016. Be prepared to immerse yourself into numerous worlds, new and old, as these titles fly off the shelves this year.