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Leah is a well-rounded gamer that delves into games of many genres including fantasy, MMO’s, certain FPSs, indies (such as “The Ship”), anime based/cartoon games, and action/adventure titles.

Super Cordon Bleu

Hello lovelies and welcome to the first ever Quick Kicks! In these biweekly piece of wonder and majesty, I will be introducing to you the newest and most promising Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Steam Greenlight campaigns!  This episode is all about Super Cordon Bleu, a modern day take on the games of old! Get ready to take your wallet mind on one of the most satisfying and draining journeys it has ever had the privilege to embark upon. 

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Looking for a game that’s both easy to pick up and addicting from the start? Look no further than Titan Attacks!

After a quick downloading session in the Nintendo E-store, I booted Titan Attacks up and took a quick look at the controls page which included, (much to my delight), just four short commands. I, of course, jumped right in, not completely understanding what I was doing but enjoying every minute of my confused, yet stimulating alien-butt-kicking session. For a Nintendo 3DS game that seemed destined to live in the shadow of the late and great oldies, Space Invaders and other retros of the like, Titan Attacks provided me with a heap of fun that can be packed into just a few short minutes!

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It’s that time again folks; Valentine’s Day. Prepare to find yourself caught in a colorful assault of stuffed bears and endless boxes of chocolate. Now, that might not be so bad for those of you currently standing at the ready with a loved one in one arm and a gaming controller in the other! However, for those of you who don’t have that special someone, well… you have your fictional loves.

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There are two existing reasons for my increasing interest in the newest Total War:

  1. The Hun used as cover art is so very Sam Winchester-esque that I lost a mouthful of perfectly heated hot chocolate.
  2. Huns! It’s the era of the Huns for Total War and I simply cannot ignore this.

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The gaming industry today is certainly not lacking in terrible advertisements. Whether these publicizing money-makers are accused of targeting certain groups or beliefs or even individuals, advertisements are the single most important element of getting any game into the hands of interested players. There are definitely some good trailers out there: the Assassins’ Creed series openings became a way of life quite rapidly and Prey 2 got me sufficiently hyped (only to promptly let me down). There are also the ‘mystery’ ones. Game of War: Fire Age sparked one of the most ambitious ad campaigns for a mobile game this year. Spending it’s $40 million advertising budget in a way any predictable Greek war game would, Machine Zone Inc. brought in a scantily clad Kate Upton to appeal to their target audience.

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How far has modern gaming actually gone? Will there always be drawbacks to advancement?

Think back a bit to your earlier experiences with gaming. Move past the overwhelmingly potent sense of nostalgia and really think. Games were awesome then but, the industry has so much more to offer today, right? I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to that conclusion and neither would Youtube channel GamingGarbage.

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The immense technological growth of both games and the technology we enjoy them with proves nothing short of extraordinary. In these few years, we have witnessed the eras of first person shooters, fighting games, and role-playing games. Now, prepare yourself for the newest era – the cultural genre.

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Far Cry is back with a plot that will give competing titles a run for their money! Set to release tomorrow, gamers will have a selection of three special editions. These include, the Limited Edition, which offers the “Hurk’s Redemption” DLC pack exclusively for players who pre-order, The Kyrat Edition, which includes a statue of Pagan Min, a map of Kyrat, a propaganda poster, a journal and collector’s box, as well the “Hurk’s Redemption” DLC Pack.