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Who is Nia Rosa? I am the queen of casual gal gaming on the east coast. My casual gaming life began with bopping mushrooms and hunting ducks. Soon I was getting crushed by fat chocobos, tomb raiding, watching plumbobs turn bright red and visiting virtual red light districts to solve fun puzzles. These days if I'm not studying I'm street fighting gangs of Japanese dudes with afros, finding and saving April Ryan and laughing at my sim's pixelated pain.

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The words “retard” and “crazy” seem innocent enough when shouted at friends but they are  filled with a dangerous power. They’ve been used to lower self-esteem as well as to negatively define the mentally ill. In a time when the mentally ill were shipped to asylums, these harsh words created images of doom. While mental health issues are finally being addressed, there are some disorders that many cannot adjust to. Mental illness sufferers learn very quickly that opening up about less known disorders can make people uncomfortable. Fortunately, times are changing and as society gingerly confronts mental illness, video gaming appears to be tackling the subject as well.

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The Girl Who Was Branded an Outcast
 “The girl is a curse, she came from nowhere. She is no one.” A tribal elder featured in the story trailer for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn declares.  However, a few more minutes into the trailer, a young girl appears, and she asks the man assigned to raise her, “Why am I an outcast?”

In Horizon Zero Dawn, we will guide Aloy as she pushes herself to find answers to the past.

It’s All in the Sprint!
This one small scene is a heartbreaking introduction to who will become our main protagonist, Aloy. It’s not only heartbreaking because a child is asking this question, but It’s heartbreaking because this question is one many of us have asked ourselves.  We may have been pushed out of our family or social circles,  separated ourselves from everyone else due to physical, mental or traumatic issues, or even known someone who has been an outcast. In my history of watching game trailers, I have never felt  so connected to a character as I did with Aloy. I connect with her because I know what it feels like to be an outcast, and I know what it is like to beat obstacles in life. Though this scene moved me to the core, it would not be the first time Aloy would capture my attention.
I had just remembered that it was E3 week.  I tuned into E3 Live on YouTube and watched as this red-haired seemingly paleolithic girl sprint through the wilderness. A wilderness populated by mechanical beasts!  This game seemed to be interesting; however, I barely noticed the mechs, and the developer’s commentary is reduced to background noise. However, I only focused on the way Aloy is running. She is running as if she is in the Olympics, and wants to win.  The trailer confirmed my hunch. Aloy is determined. According to her guardian, the elders of the tribe are doing their best to hold her back from searching for the truth.

Aloy’s sprint not only displays her determination to find answers but it also displays her determination to survive.

The Unstoppable Aloy
While it’s unknown why she is cast out, Aloy longs to know more about the past. It’s an unknown past that keeps her on her feet in the present. Therefore, Aloy’s guardian describes her tenacity the best.  “Always you pushed for answers, pushed yourself to the edge.”  We watch her grow from a frightened yet persistent child to an unyielding and lionhearted young woman.

Aloy is with the man who will teach her how to stay alive in a harsh world.

Like a worried father, her guardian tries to end her quest. “Out here in the valley, we may be outcasts, but it’s safe.” He warns her, ” Out there girl, you’ll be lost. You won’t know where to turn or who to trust. You’ll be chasing a riddle into a wilderness of mysteries.”

In a wilderness of mysteries, Aloy will fight anyone at any cost.

Fight ‘Til the End
Despite her guardian’s warnings, Aloy heads on her quest. Therefore, she hunts mechanical creatures and uses their parts for ammo, tools, and anything else she needs to keep her alive. Throughout her search for the truth, the word “outcast” never eludes her. It follows her like one of the menacing mechs she often hunts.
“Outcast! You came from nothing! You will die a nothing!” This is yelled by a man who would pass for a prehistoric Templar, as he held Aloy by her neck over a cliff. The man, we assume, proceeds to plunge a knife into the protagonist.

Aloy’s journey will take her to dangerous territories.

Furthermore, as evidenced by the trailer, Aloy will be battling mechanical creatures who rule the wilderness, naysayers, and treacherous enemies. Yet, no matter the cost, Aloy won’t stop for anyone. Besides, growth is challenging what you’re most afraid of, and Aloy chooses to face her fears. Therefore, she will keep hunting for the truth even it kills her.  “I came from somewhere. Even if it destroys me, I will see this through.”
What Will Become of Aloy?
Who will Alloy be? What will she discover? How will she fare in a post-apocalyptic world that’s yearning for her failure?
Therefore, no matter how hard Aloy’s obstacles are, the cards should be in her favor.  However, we won’t know her true fate until Horizon Zero Dawn is released on February 28, 2017. Regardless of what happens, Aloy will be a fresh and important representative of female gaming heroines in 2017. In fact, through trailers and brief gameplay videos alone, Aloy has already inspired me to be persistent and continually challenge myself.  Also, she proves that you just can’t lose if you try. Therefore, no matter what obstacles lay in front of Aloy, no one can lose with that attitude.  I, for one, can’t wait to see what this new heroine will bring to gaming in 2017.

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Disclaimer: May contain words pertaining to a community some may not be familiar with. Don’t worry! Links have been included within the article. The appropriate pronouns referring to the aforementioned community will be utilized such as theirs, they, and them.

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We are in the dawn of a new era folks! The year 2016 will mark the beginning of virtual reality, the future of gaming. The Oculus Rift is prepared to secure a #1 spot in the VR market, but it’s going to have to deal with colossal competition. Gaming powerhouse Sony is preparing to unleash the PS4 Virtual Reality Headset in October 2016, but they’ve got another strategy to knock down the revolutionary Goliath. No release date is set but Giant Bomb learned that all game developers must include a Base Mode for regular PS4 games and NEO mode for PS4K games by October. The evidence discovered by Giant Bomb links to a possible October release. If true, an October release would coincide with the release of the VR. Regardless of its release date, Sony’s going to have to put out all the stops to top the Oculus Rift. The Oculus already began selling units in March and were shipping out pre-orders by January! The Rift may have already gained a head start, but Sony may have time to oust their competitor.

Sony already seems to  have two things going in their favor:


Rumored to Be Cheaper than the Rift


Will the PS4K truly match the price of its predecessor?


Despite pre-order sales and an early year release, only 18% of consumers will pay $500 for the Rift. With the PS4 VR retailing at $399, the PS4VR is already $10o+ cheaper than the Oculus Rift. To further place the scales in Sony’s favor, the PS4K is rumored to also be priced at $399. Of course, things change, but if Sony makes the PS4K  as affordable as the PS4 and VR, they’ll have a definite edge over the Oculus.


The PS4K: The Ultimate HD Virtual Reality Experience


Along with having greater, CPU, GPU, and memory capacity, the console will support 4K (Ultra High Definition) technology and virtual reality. The PS4K will improve the PS4 VR experience to provide what Sony promises will be a “high-end virtual reality experience”. In one gaming session, gamers will be getting 23 times the resolution  that’s offered during the usual PS4 gaming session. With the PS4 VR’s 120 Hz and 90Hz refresh rates surpassing the Rift, the resolution could go up to infinity and beyond. The PS4K’s hardware will also be equipped to handle such large framerates in order to give gamers such a high-end experience.


Will Sony Be the King of Virtual Reality? 


While  Sony’s prepared to do battle in this challenging new era, they’ll need to drop the negativity in order to beat their competitors. With a positive attitude and a little help from their loyal PlayStation supporters, Sony may very well be the top name in virtual reality gaming.

What do you think about PSVR? Do you think it’ll top its competitors? Let us know!

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Oh what a year this shall be for Square Enix and Final Fantasy fans!

Since Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced in 2006, fans have been anxiously awaiting for any tiny shred of news on unreleased game, Final Fantasy XV. On March 30th, 2016, nearly ten years after its announcement, Final Fantasy fans would finally have the news they’d been waiting for!

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I am not a psychologist or other licensed medical professional. I am merely sharing my experience and highlighting the dangers of video game addiction.

Gamers have been called knuckleheads by the media, immature, time wasters, and have been ridiculed for taking their hobby to new heights – like posting videos to YouTube and streaming, leading to incidents like Jimmy Kimmel and his comments about enthusiasts. Gamers often get the side eye from making dedicated articles about games and speak about them in depth in other avenues that go over and beyond simply admiring them in their own homes. Gamers are often looked upon as social pariahs with video game addiction regardless of the level of their affinity for the medium.

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The Sims

Do Munchkins Return in The Sims?

Holy Mrs. Crumplebottom! Do I spy with my little eye toddlers in The Sims 4? In October, a beacon of hope set Twitter ablaze. Fans of the Sims series and Sims 4, in particular, were elated to find the greatest thing since Fallout 4 news staring back at them. Gracing their Twitter feeds was a beautifully rendered picture of a Sims 4 family. The photo featured a mother, a father, a baby and…a toddler! Fans were over the moon!


“What blasphemy is this? Your betrayal serves as a reminder of the division that has occurred in the past. It’s not too late lost child of Atom!  You shall be rescued from your filthy and wretched body!”

Whoa, whoa. Confessor Cromwell! Smoke a peace pipe! The latest news floating around is getting everybody’s favorite religious cult leader Confessor Cromwell all bent out of shape.

Not to worry kids! The old fool just wants to get a little karmic justice for all you Wasteland lovers out there!


Confessor Cromwell: He’s off the sauce and he’s out to get Bethesda.

If you’re hoping to get the full Wasteland experience once again courtesy of the ol’ personal computer, get ready to join the Army of Atom!


Bethesda, the great ruler of our volatile Wasteland announced that Wasteland lovers will only get to roam so much of the wasteland. Translation for all you realies:  The Fallout 4 PC experience will be incomplete.

Fallout 4’s unfinished disc debacle has been confirmed by Bethesda’s PR overseer Pete Hines on the twittersphere.


That’s right folks! The Wasteland experience will be deh-vy-dehd…until you log onto the World Wide Interwebs and download the rest of the game from Steam! Modern gaming at its finest! You kids sure have got it good!


Want to see Dogmeat again? Download the rest of the game!

Bethesda’s no stranger to popping out unfinished game discs like the FEV virus. PR overseer Mr. Hines let it be known that they’ve been releasing incomplete discs for “10+ years” and that Bethesda’s method “seems to work ok.” According to Mr. Hines, “lots of people” snatched up games such as Elder Scrolls and Wolfenstein.

While “lots of people” have been buying what Bethesda’s selling, these Wasteland lovers are getting the hell out of dodge before the mega atomic fan fallout hits.



One angry Wasteland lover even insulted  the PR overlord!


Hey, angry Wasteland lovers! Will a real life Pip-Boy tide you over?


It’s a REAL Pip-Boy!

Sorry kids, Santa Bethesda’s cutting down on the gifts! Unless you get the Pip-Boy edition before November 10th, you’re straight outta luck! 

Until next time chillldrenn! This is Three Doggg! OWOOO!