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Quaisha A. Thornton is an Gamer/Writer/Editor/Entrepreneur/Tech Trainer/Marketing Consultant. She is the Founder/CEO of DelightfulCritics.com, a social club for critics of entertainment. Starting up an advertising consultant business, she hopes to promote and advertise "fan-made ads and content" from the video game industry. Quaisha speaks her mind about the industry including sexism vs games, women in the industry, writes about multiplayer/co-op gaming and gives gamer relationships advice all at CutieDDDGamer.com.

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Using its new business model Games2Gether, Amplitude Studios released Endless Legend in an Alpha stage/ Early Access to get player feedback during development.  Endless Legend is a prequel to Endless Space and is a fantasy 4X strategy game with real-time turn-based combat system. What sets itself apart from other 4X strategy games like Sid Meier’s Civilization is its ability to fully customize units, abilities, weapons, cities, battle options and more that you would find in RPG games.

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Endless Legend Wallpaper
Endless Legend, from Amplitude Studios, is a Fantasy 4X strategy game with turn-based gameplay set in the Endless Space universe. It’s a sequel to Dungeons of the Endless and the prequel to Endless Space. Endless Legend is similar to Sid Meier’s Civilization because you first expand the land and have to explore the area to find and exploit resources to then create and flourish an empire. You exterminate with custom abilities and units your enemies or use them to defend your own empire from other factions.

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Wallpaper - Zero and Mikhail - Drakengard 3

Remember when I shared with you my first Cravings on SheAttack.com with Drakengard 3? (If you don’t, SHAME ON YOU! But you can redeem yourself by clicking here to read My Cravings: Blood and Gore in Drakengard 3) Now it is here – Drakengard 3 is now available for the Playstation 3 for the retail price of $49.99. If you buy it digitally, you can get all the DLC packs plus the game for $64.99. They call it the “Digital Collector’s Edition” because the original Collector’s Edition had limited quantities.

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The Wind Falls All Around


The success of some video games can equate to that of winning a lottery. Practically overnight (or within a few weeks), mobile games with in-app purchases and/or in-game ads can make its development team millionaires. With that type of windfall, where would game developers even start, trying to cope with this new-found financial success and get over any guilt that they feel?

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Into the Nexus Screenshot

My first entry into the Ratchet & Clank series is Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction for PlayStation 3. Since then I’ve been hooked on the sci-fi action RPG platformer. My next game in the series was Secret Agent Clank for PlayStation Portable. I finished that game in just a few hours. It was that good even though Ratchet wasn’t with Clank for the double trouble.

Killer Instinct

I know the updated version is already released on the Xbox One as a free-to-play download, but nothing beats the original Killer Instinct on Super NES. I spent countless hours honing my combo skills with Spinal, Orchid, Glacius and Saberwulf. Riptor and Cinder were my second set of favorites. Why do I still play it? Because I love the combo and the killer moves. Eventually I will get the Xbox One version and put my old school skills to the test.

Sega turned one of my all time favorite games into a franchise that no one gives a damn about. This shouldn’t become as a shocker since Sega did it to Sonic The Hedgehog franchise with one of the worst games ever made, Sonic The Hedgehog (2006). Nights: Into Dreams deserved sequels, an animated movie and/or a television series. It was that good, but unfortunately it came out on the wrong system, the Sega Saturn. A very powerful machine with graphics that was unmatched at the time. Nights caught my eye and it was a system seller for me. I brought the system just for that game.

Flappy Bird Game Screens by Forbes.com

In the last 2-3 years, there has been more success with indie games and their revenues, marketing and funding than some AAA-games have seen in years. It’s hard to deny independent studios now and even after the Flappy Bird phenomenon. The last successful free game that hit this amount of press and revenue in a short period was Angry Birds and that IP is still going strong with new installments of Angry Birds, cross promos, etc., unlike Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird might not be currently available in the Google Play and Apple iOS stores, but its developer continues to make money off of it and its success remains to be actively deconstructed.

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Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo is old school. They have been keeping gamers happy since the 1980s with their franchises and systems. Technology improves everything except for common sense, morality and intelligence. Nintendo hasn’t been using gamification technology to their highest potential which is now coming back to bite them on the ass. They recently announced that they are considering a new business structure that may include smart devices. Most gamers are saying it’s about time, and on the business side, it is seconded. It is about time for Nintendo to start using all resources at their disposal. It’s not about dissing their fans or their development teams and third-party studios. It’s about keeping an industry stable with creative works and meaningful entertainment. If Nintendo is not in certain markets, then these markets become flooded with the same type of products.

I do not want Nintendo to adapt shady free-to-play practices that many mobile developers are using. I hope that once they come into the mobile markets, they will set quality standards. Heavens knows we need better quality standards and not development studios and publishers ripping its customers off at every gameplay action. Sure consumers spend millions on and in these “apps” but that doesn’t mean that it should be the standard. Let me buy something worth while on my Android phone. Perhaps Nintendo’s new business structure will lead the way.

SOURCE: Tech Beat

Do you think Nintendo should or shouldn’t make moves towards the mobile market? What would be their reasons not to? And would you support Nintendo if they do incorporate mobile gaming?

Flappy Bird gaming on Tablet

I read an article on Gamasutra that somewhat blew my mind. I know I should probably take predictions with a grain of salt but these investment predictions do tell a past, current and future trend. Digi-Capital investment bank released their Global Games Investment Review 2014 noting video game investments continuing to grow but primarily on mobile games and gamification technology. Digi-Capital’s prediction: mobile and online games will continue to grow with expected revenue of $60 billion by 2017. This revenue will add to the overall games industry revenue that could very well exceed $100 billion by 2017. They also account that mobile and online games will take up 60 percent of the games market. The target market in 2014: Asia and Europe.