Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Quaisha A. Thornton is an Gamer/Writer/Editor/Entrepreneur/Tech Trainer/Marketing Consultant. She is the Founder/CEO of DelightfulCritics.com, a social club for critics of entertainment. Starting up an advertising consultant business, she hopes to promote and advertise "fan-made ads and content" from the video game industry. Quaisha speaks her mind about the industry including sexism vs games, women in the industry, writes about multiplayer/co-op gaming and gives gamer relationships advice all at CutieDDDGamer.com.

Endless Legend: A PC Preview

Spawnhellraiser takes us on an exploration trail and discovery with real-time and turned-based combat in the fantasy, 4X-Strategy game for PC, Endless Legend.

Endless Legend 4X Strategy Game Early Access

The Endless Legend 4X Strategy Game by Amplitude Studios Early Access on Steam is now available.

My Cravings: Part 2 – Drakengard 3 Launch Trailer

My Cravings is back with part 2 of the bliss that is Drakengard - Drakengard 3. Watch the launch trailer, know the DLC offerings and view the dev interview.

How Do Game Developers Cope With Sudden Windfalls

Helping video game developers cope with sudden windfalls with a short To-Do list and ways to show support for other peer developers.

Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus Review

One of the best games in the Ratchet and Clank series, Into the Nexus serves up some inter-dimensional butt-kicking and story-driven adventures with new and fun weapons, gadgets, advanced upgrade system, planet locations and mini-games.

My Top 5 SNES Games I Still Play

Super Nintendo will never die...as long as new consoles that keeping making SNES cartridge ports don't, otherwise, I'm screwed.

Nights: Into The Abyss

Part of Retro Month, I give my opinion about why Nights franchise is a let down.

Monetizing Done Well: The Success of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird came and it went just like the starting life you get when you first play the game. But how does it continue making money?

Nintendo’s New Business Structure

Nintendo's new business structure could be the quality mobile gaming needs. Whether good or bad, Nintendo is making moves to get into the mobile market.

Mobile Games and Online Games Revenue Predicted to Grow to $60B...

Digi-Capital's Global Games Investment Review 2014 predicted mobile and online games would account for 60% of game software by 2017 with also making a revenue of $60B. How can we invest?