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Gabby first delve into the world of gaming with Pokémon Red. Being a 90’s kid, it was practically predestined for her to discover the wonder of the Gameboy. From there on, Pokémon, Zelda, Mario, Kirby, and Sonic became the staples of her gaming diet. At the age of nine, she received her very first home console: the GameCube. She entered the world of JRPGs and simulation games such as Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. With the purchase of a PS3 in 2008, she began the third chapter in her gaming life, embracing RPGs such as Fallout and Mass Effect, action-adventures like inFamous, and even shooters. The well-rounded gamer is also an avid anime fan and devoted cosplayer, and has a fondness for film, writing, and photography that she hopes to take to the professional level after college.

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The holidays are perhaps the best time of the year for gamers. Black Friday has some of the hottest gaming deals of the year, and the best part about it is now everything can easily be purchased with the click of a button, rather than wrestling through throngs of eager customers. Here are some of the best Black Friday gaming deals happening this week.

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Baltimore’s Inner Harbor teemed with colorful cosplayers, photographers, and anime and video game fans last weekend during the city’s annual convention, Otakon. The convention is the biggest anime gathering on the East Coast, reeling in about 30,000 people each year. And within such a massive gathering of geeks, there’s bound to be one thing: amazing cosplay. Here’s a taste of Otakon 2015 cosplay:

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Horizon Zero Dawn

It’s mid-June, which means that yet another E3 has come and gone. Gamers across the globe tuned into online live stream conferences to get their fix on the biggest gaming news and announcements of the year. From long awaited new entries into cult favorite series such as Kingdom Hearts and Mirror’s Edge, to info on new IPs like The Last Guardian and Horizon Zero Dawn, this year’s E3 was packed with all kinds of games for almost any fan. Here’s a look at 10 games to watch from E3 2015:

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P.T. was the talk of the gaming world last year. Konami took game announcements and promotion to an entirely new level when they dropped a small sample of the upcoming game, Silent Hills, last year on the Playstation Store, giving it an ambiguous title with no connections to Konami. Flash forward to eight months later, and Silent Hills is officially cancelled.

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Your guide to the hottest panels, after parties, and games at the east coast's biggest gaming convention.

PAX East 2015 is this weekend, which means thousands of gamers will flock to the biggest city in New England to celebrate the video game industry. The schedule, games available to play, and parties are better than ever at the 6th year of the Boston gaming convention! Attendees should start planning their schedules for the weekend, because I guarantee it’ll be jam packed. Here is SheAttack’s top picks for panels, events, parties, and games you won’t want to miss!

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The gaming market seems to be undersaturated with stellar JRPG titles these days. With Final Fantasy releases taking years to finally drop, to long awaited titles such as Kingdom Hearts 3 and Persona 5 still  just being teased to players, JRPG fans have been neglected in the home console market. However, a little indie title called Edge of Eternity may have slipped under the radar of avid JRPG fans, and it may have the power to help bring back a resurgence in the genre.

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Canadian crafting master MeltingMirror Cosplay shares an inside look at her life in the cosplay world.

Welcome to another installment of a new cosplay showcase series here at SheAttack! As much as we love video games and the gaming community, we also strive to bring more general nerd culture articles to our site to spice things up. And what better way to celebrate nerd culture than with showcasing the ultimate fan homage: cosplay? Once a month, I will be posting a Q&A and costume showcase of a talented cosplayer in the community. They could be a novice or pro; as long as they are passionate and creative they have every chance of being featured.

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It's official. Dinosaurs and Marvel superheroes will be LEGO-fied this June.

LEGO Jurassic World was revealed back in November during the credits of LEGO Batman 3, but today, Warner Bros. and TT Games have officially confirmed a June 2015 release date for the game. LEGO Jurassic World will encompass all the films, from the original to the “can we pretend that never happened?” Jurassic Park III, and of course include the story of the upcoming film, Jurassic World. LEGO Jurassic World will be available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Windows PC, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.