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Cookie has been playing video games since she was a little girl. She grew up interested in the latest games, systems, and technology. Her current favorite genres are Action, Adventure, RPG's, and Simulations.

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Imagine, you’re just chilling in your village. Then, all of a sudden, you’re told to go to the town hall for something stupid that you did. You and a lot of people are then told: “You are all hereby banished from the village!” It comes as an unexpected surprise to you, and you do not know how to react.  If this situation happened in real life, it would be more likely for one to get the ultimate punishment instead.  Banishment still is a bummer, though. Try as you and the others might, you cannot escape your fate. So, all of you must gather the little items that you have and go out into the world, knowing that you can never return. Meh, it was a crappy village anyway (yeah your village sucks).

Here seems good

Banished is a build simulation game, where a bunch of banished folks have to build a brand new village in the middle of nowhere. Doesn’t sound too complicated right? You also need to keep an eye on a few things. These include but are not limited to: Hunger, Freezing, Population Loss, Population Growth, Fire, Natural Disasters, Disease, Accidents, Homelessness, and Aging. Most, if not all, of these can result in certain death.

The village is based on the number of citizens and jobs. These jobs start off small, like gathering resources and buildings. Once you build a certain building of sorts, you then assign much more important tasks. These tasks range from wood chopping, keeping the village warm, farming, fishing, gathering, and hunting to keep your village fed. Since your resources and people are limited, you must decide on which job is most important for you to assign to your citizens.

Always keep an eye out on your population. You might end up with a bunch of builders with no resources because all of your resource gathers died, and you forgot to assign some builders to gather or vice versa. You might also end up with less people then you started with because single people don’t have enough homes in which to get married and start a family in, or all of the population is too old to start a family. At this point, you just watch as the remaining population dies out. After your third attempt, you might get it right (goes to the corner in shame).

I call thee..Home

Banished has a sense of gameplay that immerses you by watching the village, that you took the time to grow and nurture, unfold before your very eyes. The sounds, graphics, and gameplay coincide together to bring you a world you can spend hours playing. It may take some time and practice, but eventually, you do get a village in which you are proud of.

You can find Banished on Steam and Windows.

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Supernatural Happenings Plus Kids = Profit

Remember when you watched those movies with those kids in it? You know, the ones where they would go off to a school for homecoming? Or a haunted cabin in the woods? Or an abandoned camp? And remember the character building scenes at that party, or prom dance, when they had not a care in the world? Or something that just made you wonder when the good part was coming? And then all of a sudden, BAM! A slasher comes and starts hacking those kids to pieces or a ghost starts to haunt them to death or something crazy like that. Now those carefree teens have to find a way to survive without dying. Do you remember? Well buckle up ladies and gents cause Oxenfree is going to take you back through those movies. Well…sort of anyway.

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So Much to See

When I first heard rumors flying around about a The Sims 4 expansion I thought to myself, “hmm, this seems like a good idea, but I’ll wait for a confirmation.” Next thing I know, they announced The Sims 4: City Living. This is the 3rd expansion pack of the Sims 4 series. From what I’ve gathered from the creators, it took them an extremely long time to complete and it’s been packed full of fun adventures for you and your Sims to enjoy. Let’s dive into just a few of those, shall we?

 PCFS: Strong is the new cute!

I loved watching cartoons growing up. You know, the ones that left a great impression on you? They would be funny and silly and then turn serious for a second, or they would make your day. I also loved that look of a cartoon that took a while to make by hand and the creator put their passion into it. The life lessons that you learned during cartoons was something else. Cartoons can be pretty fun to watch, but nowadays, with the 3D genre rolling in and not stopping anytime soon, you can’t get that old cartoon vibe back. I felt really bored watching the same reruns of the same cartoons over and over again, until one day while I was strolling through YouTube, I was able to find something that was just as amazing. Introducing Pork Chop and Flat Screen!

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E3 2016 made me feel…

E3 is a great event that I look to forward to watching every year. I love being introduced to new genres of games, equipment, and announcements the Big League companies will be producing throughout the year and beyond. This year, there were some ups, downs, and unexpectedness happening throughout the conferences, but there were some games that they presented that had me wanting to throw my money at them and obtaining them ASAP. Here’s my list of the things I liked the most.

Having a bad day

Imagine being accepted to work on the Aurora, an enormous ship for data collection. You are super excited for this opportunity to be able to work and live on this amazing vessel. Once on board you probably are having the time of your life or not.

It was just another day onboard the Aurora when all of a sudden something goes terrible wrong. The Aurora begins to crash into an unknown planet. You quickly follow the emergence evocation procedure to the life pods on the ship. As you jump into a life pod and begin evacuation, an expulsion causes you to black out.

After regaining consciousness you open your life pod and find yourself on an unknown planet. Not just any planet, but one that is surrounded by nothing but water for miles. This is just the beginning of your new life in Subnautica.

Water: It’s everywhere, try not to drown

Subnautica is an early access survival game that takes place underwater. The main objective is not only to survive, but to explore all that there is in this alien ocean. Let’s start with trying to survive. We need to keep an eye on our health, food, water, and most important air.

Air and health are easy to look after, or so you may think. Sometimes when you go exploring you may forget you need to breath every once and a while and…. (Blop Blop Blop), so be very careful. You may be able to extend your air by crafting air tanks. This will help to explore deeper terrain and biomes in Subnautica.

Food and water are also relatively easy to watch. When you start off with just the basics you will have some food and water on hand in your life pod, however you might want to start trying the local “cuisine” as soon as possible. Air-sack anyone? How about laser Pepper? And my personal favorite, Remington mixed with Hoverfish (just kidding, you can’t mix the fish….yet). For water you can use a certain type fauna to filter water into drinking water. Eventually you will be able to craft water from other materials other than that fauna.

Wonderful game and awesome when finished

Subnautica so far is shaping to be an excellent and exciting game to play. The way that the creatures interact throughout the game is very interesting and will have you searching for certain types of creatures to see if they like you, mind you, or want to eat you. The main gameplay is to explore.

There are some many things to explore in Subnautica, from the different types of biomes to explore to the amazing fauna all around. Be careful however as there are some fauna that are very dangerous to be around. Some of them are mild and annoying, but some of them are huge and deadly and not all of the fauna are implemented in the game yet. There is also the aspect of finding out what happened to the Aurora crew you were with, but it seems not all of it has been implemented yet as well.

This game, when finished will become an amazing adventure to go on. I can’t wait for the developers to finish, but in the mean time I will continue to explore the game as it updates. Also keep in mind when you play this game that your saved game will become obsolete with each update, so play at your own risk.

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Watch out for that bomb!

Imagine that you are a wonderful husband with a wonderful life. It’s a wonderful day in your wonderful house with your wonderful wife and 2 wonderful children. Then all of a sudden, an alarm sounds and suddenly your wonderful life just turned upside down. Wonderful! You have just enough time to pack up the family and some supplies to take to your emergency shelter before an atomic bomb makes contact with your home. How much time do you have? 60 seconds. That’s right, 60 seconds to get everything you need. Be very quick if you want to get enough to survive. And don’t forget your family!

Surving in a Shelter With You

Alright. You’ve made it into the shelter with (hopefully) all of your family members and supplies needed to survive for who knows how long. Let’s do checklist, shall we? You have your map, radio, flashlight, gun, axe, cards, board game, suitcase, a lock, your med kit, etc., but most importantly you have water and tomato soup! Yummy! Tomato soup is what you will be enjoying throughout this entire survival period. Isn’t that great?! Once you enter the shelter, you must make decisions based on what supplies you have brought with you to continue to survive until help arrives (or you perish). Ration food, look for supplies up top, keep the kids from driving you insane, try to stay sane, keep everyone healthy, and most important – TRUST NO ONE (except those willing to help)!

Good Luck Surviving!

60 Seconds is an interesting point and click survival based game that can be incredibly challenging, but fun. The art style is a mixture of 2D/3D perspectives giving the iconic aesthetic choices of the 50’s. The styles coincide with one other which I think is pretty cool. 60 Seconds compels you to keep trying to survive longer every time until you beat it. I have yet to, but maybe you guys can.

Watch my playthrough as I try my luck. Good luck out there!

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The Blackwell Series and Blackwell Epiphany

blackwell series

It Starts in Tragedy

Death. It’s a mystery to us. It’s something that’s eternal and permanent – and some of us are afraid of it. One thing’s for sure, no one comes back from the dead. Imagine that you have just finished spreading the ashes of your dear aunt that you can barely remember, but is the only family that you knew of, then after a few mishaps or two you decide to call it a day.

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This War of Mine

The Other Side of War

When we hear the word war, we automatically think of the military fighting the other side for a cause and is trying to defeat the “enemy” the best way that they can. We think of the fighting and hassle of the military out there. We think of the violence and killing. What we fail to take into account most of the time is the other side of the war: The people. How are the people affected? What do they do during the war? Don’t they know that it is bad out in that territory that the war is? Why don’t they get out of there? What are they doing? Well this game will finally answer the age old question of what happens to the civilians of the city who are trapped during the war.