Battlefield 1: So Dynamic That No Battle Is Ever The Same


EA ended its E3 press conference Sunday with showing heavily anticipated Battlefield 1. Dice took the stage and talked about their huge ambitions for Battlefield 1, which they described as an “epic and dynamic experience” for players.

Dice also mentioned that us, the gaming community, are part of the Dice team and they want us to be a part of the development process “every step of the way.” Some other details include the multiplayer matches being up to 64 players. There will be destruction and constantly changing weather dynamics that will make it so no battle is ever the same. Dice describes the destruction in Battlefield 1 as being “more intuitive and natural than ever” and it impacts the world around the player. Weather changes will be unpredictable, to the point where players will have to adjust their gameplay depending on the weather. In short, it’s going to be an epic wild ride and I can’t wait.

Here is the official debut trailer for Battlefield 1:

There is a lot to digest in this trailer in terms of vehicles, melee combat, and weapons and as actual gameplay is being shown at EA Play this weekend, we will uncover and learn more about Battlefield 1.  I can’t wait to experience a “behemoth” of a vehicle such as the zeppelin falling from the sky as the battle is fought under it. This game is looking so epic. Battlefield 1 will be available October 21st worldwide and there will be an open beta later this summer. Stay tuned for updated news here on!

What did you think of the Battlefield 1 debut trailer? Will you be on the battlefield Oct 21st? Let us know!

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