Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth First Impressions


Dragon’s Teeth, the 4th DLC add-on is now available on Battlefield 4. The DLC comes with one new game mode; ChainLink and 4 new maps: Sunken Dragon, Pearl Market, Propaganda, and Lumphini Garden. After getting my hands on Dragon’s Teeth, there are many things I highlighted and experienced while playing so I wanted to share it with our readers! Is Dragon’s Teeth worth it? Let’s find out!

The Maps:


1. Sunken Dragon

Taking place at sundown, Sunken Dragon reminds me a lot of one of the original maps, Dawnbreaker. With a city scenery, this map has beautiful palm trees and tall buildings. Sunken Dragon will please both snipers and those who want close quarter gun action. Although I didn’t spend much time on this map as much as the others, I got a good grasp on it and felt it was easy to jump into. Learning the map really wasn’t necessary because it feels very familiar.


2. Pearl Market

Pearl Market looks and feels like an extension of the original map Floodzone. The rooftops are identical and the bottom floors are similar because they are full of nooks and crannies. In a nutshell, Pearl Market is a very cluttered map and will take a few matches to memorize. The layout is good regardless of all the clutter, and I felt it works great for ChainLink and would make great for other games modes such as Rush and Conquest.


3. Propaganda

Finally, a snow map!!!! Of all the new maps, this one has to be my favorite. It is great for objective game modes because it serves every type of Battlefield player.  Whatever your play style, it works in this map and that is what makes it great. Also, of all the maps, this is probably the easiest to jump into in and I recommend playing this one first if you can. Filled with monumental statues and buildings, Propaganda fits its name and really makes you feel like you are in a part of history.


4. Lumphini Garden

Lumphini Garden is a beautiful map but it is actually my least favorite of Dragon’s Teeth. This map is very open and although it’s is great for snipers, it isn’t suitable for close quarter combat. Also, I felt it didn’t suit the new game mode at all. I had trouble finding anyone to shoot but that could have been just because our team was too good and taking care of the action ahead of me. I will probably never play this map without being a sniper.  There are overpasses that you can post up on and gaze down on the action. Not complaining, sniping is fun but for all other types of action, this map just made for a slow match and I found myself running around bored.

So, that is the maps. Now, let’s talk about the new game mode! ChainLink is essentially a shorter hybrid version of Conquest where you and your team has to capture two or more adjacent points in order to create “links.” The more links, the more you drain the enemy team of tickets.  The team with the most tickets wins and boy, does it go by fast!!! If a team is extra good, the matches go even faster. I think the concept is good but the main complaint I have is that the matches are way too short and it leaves me a little unsatisfied. It didn’t take long before I switched to playing Rush, which felt great on these maps, especially Propaganda.

The verdict:

The maps and ChainLink are fun to try out and since it is only available to premium members at the moment, those who are playing it are enjoying the extra goodies they’ve already paid for. If you are thinking about purchasing Dragon’s Teeth separately on July 29th when it is available to everyone, I’d say you might want to hold off.  Unless Battlefield is your game of choice and you play it all the time, Dragon’s Teeth isn’t really a must have.  The maps are cool but besides Propaganda, they aren’t much different than what we have seen before.

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