The Blackwell Series: A Journey Through Death

The Blackwell Series and Blackwell Epiphany


It Starts in Tragedy

Death. It’s a mystery to us. It’s something that’s eternal and permanent – and some of us are afraid of it. One thing’s for sure, no one comes back from the dead. Imagine that you have just finished spreading the ashes of your dear aunt that you can barely remember, but is the only family that you knew of, then after a few mishaps or two you decide to call it a day.

Little did you know, the splitting headache you have been having all day knocks you out and the after effects come with a snarky ghost that tells you that you have to save spirits from the horrible fate of roaming the earth for eternity. That was just the tip of the iceberg for this main character in the Blackwell Series.


Each Game is its Own

The Blackwell Series is a five part point and click adventure game. Here’s a breakdown of the series leading to the newest installment, Blackwell Epiphany.

Blackwell Unbound:  You play as Rosangela Blackwell, or simply, Rosa. Rosa’s aunt, Lauren, who she barely knows due to mental issues, just passed away. After the funeral, Rosa returns home after a long day of trying to get inside, investigating a report for her job, and visiting the doctors taking care of her auntie most of her life. As soon as she is about to take a nap, something appears in front of her. It turns out to be a ghost, but not just any ghost. He tells her his name is Joey (the family ghost) and Rosa has a job to do. What type of job? Well, it’s reaping souls – of course. Terrific. As a side note, the original voice actor for Rosangela was Sande Chen, but they switched the voice actor for the future games in the series and re-released the game to fit the series. Rosa’s voice is played by Rebecca Whittaker in the re-release.

Blackwell Legacy: In this game, you play as Lauren Black, or Auntie Lauren from Blackwell Unbound. That’s right you go back in time with Lauren and Joey. Here, we find Lauren and Joey about to go off on another adventure to help those poor unfortunate souls that are in pain and in need. They might be in a little bit of trouble this time around. Can they survive this problem?

Blackwell Convergence: Here, the story progresses with Rosa. She finally is getting on her feet and is on her way. There is just a tiny little problem, she can’t advertise she’s a ghost hunter. So, to the internet she goes. Though, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Will they be able to help all those souls?

Blackwell Deception: After that last misadventure, Rosa and Joey are back at it again. Helping others to cross over is getting rough and things are about to get hectic. This time though, this one is about facing the past and helping those you didn’t know we’re still around. Can Rosa and Joey handle it? And what’s with these physics?

Blackwell Epiphany: We are at the finale of this game. This is the last round up, the final frontier, the misadventures are almost done. Rosa and Joey are in for a shock of their lives or unlife in Joey’s case in this final game. This may be the last and toughest adventure yet, but our duo is strong and can get through anything. Right?


The Blackwell Series as a Whole

The series itself is a whirlwind of drama, scandals, misadventures, plot twists and dealing with the responsibilities of others. The details of the game were very somber because of the tone of the game itself. When playing the game, you really feel like you are dealing.

When playing, you encounter a lot of interesting and unique characters. Some who were based off of true individuals; which makes for a good history lesson of the state of New York’s infamous townsfolk. The art style was amazing and aided in the immersion as the games continued. The art has a retro, somber, 8-bit kind of feel that was amazing to go through in each game. As the series progressed, the games would bring more detail to the art style, especially the heads, characters and expressions throughout the series. This made the game feel more realistic than ever and very interesting to keep up with.

The cast was my favorite part of the game. Joey was always making me laugh with his witty and snarky attitude towards everyone. Sometimes he even played nice once in a while, which made him out to be a pretty interesting fellow. Rosa was always quiet, shy, and calculating her next move. She wasn’t very social, but that just made her even more mysterious. Rosa reminds me of my younger self. It helped me to really connect with the main character and try to figure out why she was the way she was. I believe Joey helped her get out of her shell and “live” a little (pun intended).

For a point and click adventure game, this one was a top notch for me as it is very hard to find games like this nowadays. The game was always keeping me on my toes throughout the whole series and you always find yourself asking the question what will happen next.


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