Blade and Soul – More content on the way!


The popular free-to-play MMORPG, Blade and Soul got another trailer of its newest upcoming content, coming to the game on March 23rd. After the Warlock expansion just a few weeks ago a lot of new blood has been added to the pool so hopefully this content is enough to keep them for a while longer.

Silverfrost Mountians is the largest expansion to the game after launch to date, which isn’t saying much since the game only launched in February but it’s nice to see they have been updating things quite regularly. It’s easy to see why it’s the largest though, given the diversity of content coming in this one update.

In the Silverfrost Mountians update there are;

  • Level cap increase to 50 from 45
  • Two new areas; Silverfrost Mountains of course and New Capital City
  • Five blue and three purple dungeons, some of which are named The Awakened Necropolis, Avalanche Den, and Lair of the Frozen Fang
  • a 24-person open world instance with an event centered around it on the launch of the new content
  •  Soulstone Plains, a new PvP battleground
  • More clan crafting options, costumes and others
  • Increased weapon upgrades to keep in with the raised level cap.

So far everything looks great and I plan on having two characters at max level after this expansion comes out so you can expect to see me in the game a lot in the next month or so. Once I get to the endgame we’ll see if I still want to play but the fact that there is already so much content makes me more than happy with the game. My free-to-play experience has been pretty positive with Blade and Soul and I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of it quite yet.

Don’t forget to check out the in-game cash shop for exclusive cosmetic items that are leaving on March 25th!

Will this expansion get you back into the game? Have you tried Blade and Soul already? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Update, March 22: Blade and Soul NA’s Weekly Livestream gives us a quick look into the Silverfrost Mountian content! (below)