Bloodborne First Expansion Gets A Release Date


Finally! This is what Bloodborne fans have been waiting for. The long awaited expansion pack, The Old Hunters is releasing November 24, 2015. This expansion pack looks to expand more on the legendary hunters which were referenced in the main game. Here is the official trailer for The Old Hunters:

In this awesome trailer, it is worthy to note that we see familiar bosses from the main game such as Vicar Amelia, Mergo’s Wet Nurse and the Darkbeast Paarl. They now seem to have new looks and we can use new weapons and abilities to fight against them! The new weapon seen at 0:49 and 1:33 of this video looks amazing!

Not only are we getting this expansion pack but there is also great news for those who are looking to buy Bloodborne for the first time. Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Edition will release December 3, 2015 complete with the full game and Old Hunters expansion included. It’s really great to see this game have even more longevity than it already has. Bloodborne is definitely a game up for Game of The Year contention and I can’t wait to play The Old Hunters expansion.

Are you excited for Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion? Let us know!

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