Bring it back – Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD


The time is almost upon us Final Fantasy fans! Time to get hyped for the Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD for PS3! That’s right, you’ll be able to watch Tidus and Yuna kiss underwater in HD over and over again!

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will cost $39.99 and pre-orders will be upgraded to a limited edition which has special cover artwork and a concept art book. Both remastered games are the International versions with extra content like Final Fantasy X’s Eternal Calm storyline and The Last Mission for Final Fantasy X-2. –

The extra content in both of these games is something that will be completely new for us here in the West and will open a whole bunch of new doors to veterans of the game. Giving us new challenges to master is what it is all about! In recent months, more and more pictures of the beautiful HD scenes have been popping up more and more and more trailers promoting the remake have also surfaced. (see below)

I’m not expecting too much gameplay or story-wise since this is a remake of a game but I hope that the extra bosses that are included open up more narrative to explore and more challenges than its predecessor. The Final Mission added on to Final Fantasy X-2 I’m excited to play as well.

Unfortunately I never finished Final Fantasy X,( I got stuck near the end fighting Sin), but I did finish Final Fantasy X-2 but I’m excited to play it again more in depth since I have forgotten all about what happens. Personally, I’m more excited about seeing the movie scenes in HD rather than the regular rendered characters and general gameplay just because I think that the refined faces are not what I thought they would turn out to be.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD will be available on March 18 2014 for $39.99 in Canada and the US. It will also be available for Vita in separate games with the prices yet to be announced.

Did you play this game when it came out? What do you think of all the HD remakes coming down the line (Tales of Symphonia etc.), or HD remakes in general? What games do you think need a serious remake?

  • The only problem I have with these is that they seem to be picking games which don’t need a remake. Windwaker’s cel shading looks fine even by today’s standards; it doesn’t need an HD remake. They did the same thing with the old Silent Hill games, because admittedly they look a little dated, but they even went as far as REMOVING THE FOG as part of the HD, not realizing that the fog is what made those games unsettling and enjoyable. Likewise with FFX, everything is stylized and it still looks fine even by today’s standards. The gameplay is still solid, the story is still fine, and the graphics are still fine. I don’t see why we need one. I could see games like FF7 or Legend of Dragoon with an HD remake, because the characters look like balloon animals due to the primitive PS1 capabilities, and some gameplay elements could be streamlined.

    Better than that, though, is they could use an HD game. If we’re going to copy Hollywood and just remake the entire history of gaming, we should do it right. When you remake it, don’t just update it, change it for the better (well, not always, but you get the idea). Rewrite the whole thing from scratch and incorporate the elements and mechanics that people liked about it with modern graphics and design tools. If you want to keep the old games from disappearing into the abyss, salvage them all and make them available to be emulated. I mean holy hell, it’s almost like THEY SHOULD HAVE JUST INCLUDED BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY INSTEAD OF THROWING IT ALL TO THE SHARKS.

    I think they should remake the games that need a graphical update, not those that are the most popular. I think it will be a sad day for gaming when all the PS2’s break down and the best game library goes completely to waste. My shelves downstairs are already lined with wonderful games that can’t be emulated and can’t be run with modern hardware; they’re lost forever. Gaming is such a short-sighted industry.