Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review


I was really surprised with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It being free on Playstation Plus last month, I figured it would be a “decent game to try out.” Immediately, my first impression was “Wow! What a breath of fresh air!” I finished the game in three sessions but could of easily beat it in one. I guess you could say I was in no rush because this game was lots of fun and beautiful to play. Now on with the review!


The Story and Characters


brothersssBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a story of two sons who set out on an amazing journey to save their dying father. Along the way, they visit enchanting places, come across sticky situations, and interact with other characters such as trolls who lend a helping hand. All conversations between the older and younger brother as well as with others are in a made-up language without sub-titles. This game does an amazing job of projecting emotion non-verbally. A cry, scream, burst of joy, or sob tells more than words could.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons really captures each brother and their own personalities. While the older brother is much more serious, the younger one is more playful so they compliment each other very well. They work together as they travel through different places, in hopes of saving their father. Being close with my father and having a sibling myself, I felt the story was very moving and touched my heart on a personal level.



Brother-A-Tale-of-Two-Sons-2151122The gameplay in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was unlike anything I’ve experienced. It is innovative but the controls can be hard to get used to. The older brother I controlled with the left thumb stick and left trigger for actions, while the younger brother I controlled with the right. There were many times my fingers would confuse the brothers because of their position on  screen.  If the older brother was on the right side of the screen, I would hold the right stick to move him, instead of the left like he was assigned.  This led me to bump each of them into walls or get stuck at times. Even by the end of the game, I still had not mastered the controls.

However, though the controls were different and a little frustrating, it wasn’t enough to ruin the experience. The gameplay called for each brother to use their own capabilities in order to help each other get through puzzles and dangerous areas.  For example, the younger brother could not swim so using the action button for both, I was able to have the younger brother hold on to the older one as he swam for both of them. The older brother was also stronger so he was able to give the younger one a boost to high ledges. It was very fun to control both of them in order to solve puzzles and advance in the game.

Audio and Visual

One of the best features in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is the music. I compared it to the Lord of The Rings trilogy at times.  The music was epic, capturing moments of hope or despair. I felt the music really fit the surroundings, as well as the characters and situations they were in.

The graphics in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons really surprised me. They were beautiful and unique, especially when it came to the surroundings. Light would shine in from the sun and moon, lighting the sky up with gorgeous colors. The characters themselves as well as the animals lacked a little in the graphic department but it was hardly noticeable because of how beautiful the world was. The water, mountains, caves, and snow looked great and really had me feeling like I was in a mystical world.


Replay Value

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is short, really short. That alone makes the replay value go up in my book.  Also, there are interactions with characters I did not play around with. For the most part, I zipped through the game with little conversations and interaction. Because each brother have unique personalities, it would be interesting to see how each one interacts with each character I missed.  Not only that, but I would love to experience this game again simply because it was so fun to play. It was a nice game to kick my feet up and relax to.


The Verdict

I really enjoyed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It was a breath of fresh air, with new gameplay and mechanics. I found myself really captivated with the story, catching myself laughing out loud, smiling, or on the verge of watery eyes. The controls were a little hard to get used to but I enjoyed the concept of controlling both brothers and having them work together. This game is so simple, yet so deep and dark at times. Overall, it was a beautiful game that I highly recommend to anyone. Players could easily beat the game in one sitting if they wanted, so it definitely was short and left me wanting more. However, I still felt satisfied with the game and how it ended. Too short, but sweet.




What did you think of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons if you have played it and if not, are you interested in giving it a try?


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  • Cosy up to that loved one and play with one controller XD Sounds like a nice little game 🙂

  • I wanted to play this game on PC not too long ago. One day I may actually give it a shot.

  • Great review! I think the developer should be commended for being able to achieve emotion and care by using no dialogue at all, which is sad, because developers have tried to do that with dialogue and voice acting, but ended up failing. I do have to disagree with one thing though, since it is so short, I don’t think the replay value is that high. Unless a game has a lot of variety, and maybe plenty of side stuff to do, it’s length will hurt it. Maybe in an eventual sequel to this game, maybe they’ll make it longer, with some added variety.

  • Good idea Char!!