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This is all of the information the SheAttack team covered from E3.

On this episode of E-I-C Speaks, Nia talks about E3 2017 and all of the amazing-ness gamers were blessed with this year. Some gamers are jaded due to lackluster presentations with no smoke and lights, but at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that the GAMES themselves make all of the difference. Understanding that E3 is essentially the “Super Bowl” of gaming, Nia had a ton to say about each company’s offerings – namely EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Listen to her thoughts below!

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E3 Predictions

Tonight we’ll be doing Boss Lair LIVE! You heard it folks! We’ll be discussing our predictions and hopes for E3 2017. Be sure to read more at SheAttack.com!

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Boss Lair is an original SheAttack TV series featuring teams leads, Nia Pierce, Erica Cruz, and Jaleesa Foster. This series will be mostly focused on gaming and what’s happening in the video game industry.

Do you have any questions or suggestions for Boss Lair? Want to discuss more about the Xbox Scorpio’s specs, the latest Nintendo Direct, and Persona 5? Let us know below!


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E3 2016 made me feel…

E3 is a great event that I look to forward to watching every year. I love being introduced to new genres of games, equipment, and announcements the Big League companies will be producing throughout the year and beyond. This year, there were some ups, downs, and unexpectedness happening throughout the conferences, but there were some games that they presented that had me wanting to throw my money at them and obtaining them ASAP. Here’s my list of the things I liked the most.

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Breath of the Wild

This week has been very exciting if you love The Legend of Zelda. Here’s the thing though – everything that we’ve known about The Legend of Zelda for 20 years has been flipped on its head. Nintendo is going back the the basics – and I mean the absolute basics with their newest game in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is ridding completely of the formula set by Ocarina of Time (or A Link to the Past if you wanna put some respect on the top-down games) by going back to what made the very first The Legend of Zelda great on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. This means Breath of the Wild will forgo the more linear process of getting to the end boss in place of a more open-world, more open-ended approach. Here’s everything that we know about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild up to this point.

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PlayStation Plus owners are in for a treat.

Best of E3 sale

PlayStation decided to give fans and consumers a huge blow out sale in the PlayStation store based on the best of E3 2016. From movies to games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, there are loads of older, and even some newer, titles that have gotten tremendous price drops for up to 60% off! If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, sales range up to 80% off. The PlayStation Store’s Best of E3 Sale ends Tuesday, June 21st. Check out all of the titles below.

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Ubisoft finally showed off new gameplay of their highly anticipated title Ghost Recon: Wildlands. These are my impressions.

It seems Ubisoft is bringing another heavy hitter from the vault of fantastic games they have for 2017. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands was shown at E3 2015 with a CGI teaser trailer. At this year’s conference, we finally got to see an early build of the game, learned new details about the gameplay, and also got a release date. The gameplay showed what we already knew – that co-op was going to be bigger and better than ever before in the Ghost Recon franchise. The world looked massive and it seems each squad member has a particular job to do for missions. Ghost Recon: Wildlands is set in Bolivia where a Mexican cartel has taken over the area and seized one of the local coca crops. A United States Special Ops team is sent to find the cartel and destroy their gang.

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EA kicked off 2016’s E3 week with its new EA Play event and sports games played a major part of the conference. Madden and Fifa 17 scored much of the presenters’ time and for good reason. Both franchises are two of Electronic Arts’ biggest money makers. Madden has had its ups and downs over the years, but Madden 16 overcame great strides with new modes like Draft Champions and gameplay changes with juke moves – all of this taking advantage of the brand new Frostbite engine. Here’s the full breakdown of all of the modes and features within Madden 17 that we know so far.

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Steep, new IP from Ubisoft, is a massive open world game where you can interact with others in the community. It’s a game all about living life to the fullest, experiencing what it’s like to perform in extreme sports such as snowboarding, skiing, and paragliding. You can even challenge friends to a race using wing suits to fly around the beautiful landscape. The player can switch from 3rd person view to a “Go Pro” view simulating a Go Pro camera that is placed on the players head.

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Gears of War 4

Microsoft started its conference with a bang! Phil Spencer announced “Xbox Play Anywhere,” where gamers can play Microsft games across Xbox and PC platforms, sharing progress and Xbox achievements. Rod Fergusson of The Coalition followed up with announcing Gears of War 4 as one of the first titles on Xbox Play Anywhere. He went on to explain that every co-op will support cross play, including Horde 3.0 mode (finally announced)! This means that if you are on Xbox One, you can play with anyone on PC and vice versa.