Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Bethesda’s First E3 Conference: How’d they do?

This year was the first time in E3 history that Bethesda had their own press conference, leading to nothing but major hype for Bethesda...
Female Protagonists

E3 2015: Female Protagonists Galore

So another E3 has come and gone, and all we have to remember it by is the promise of a crap ton of awesome...

E3 2015 Interview: Total War: Warhammer w/ Andy Hall

This year in particular, E3 week has been incredibly exciting. Our very own Erica was fortunate enough to witness the happenings first hand. One...
Horizon Zero Dawn

10 Games to Watch from E3 2015

It's mid-June, which means that yet another E3 has come and gone. Gamers across the globe tuned into online live stream conferences to get...
Nintendo at E3

Nintendo at E3 2015: Underwhelmed Fans and Broken Trust

Nintendo had every opportunity in the world to wow us again this E3. They stirred up fan excitement with the Pre-E3 Super Smash Bros....

E3 2015: Drawn to Death is Really, Really Fun

During E3, I had the privilege of playing Drawn To Death, a free-to-play game coming soon by David Scott Jaffe and The Bartlet Jones...
Nintendo Digital Event

E3 Liveblog: Nintendo Digital Event

The Nintendo Digital Event is happening LIVE. If you cannot watch it physically, don't fret. We've got it all right here! What all are...
Sony's Press Conference

E3 Live Blog: Sony’s Press Conference

Sony's press conference is bound to show us something very special at E3. Can't watch it yourself? We've got you covered. Come hang out...
Ubisoft Press Conference

E3 Live Blog: Ubisoft’s Press Conference

Ubisoft's conference is one to look forward to with games like The Division and Rainbow Six: Seige on the horizon. What would you like...
EA Media Brieifing

E3 Live Blog: Electronic Arts Media Briefing

Electronic Arts is up next! The anticipation for E3 is at an all time high. What do you guys think EA will show? If...