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This is all of the information the SheAttack team covered from E3.

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With E3 just right around the corner, there’s so much being said and so much to speculate as to what to look forward to in these next upcoming days. Of course returning to the conferences will be EA, Sony, Microsoft, PC Gaming show, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and last but not least is Nintendo’s Treehouse. Here are some games expected at E3!

E3 2016

E3 2016 is quickly approaching and on a personal note, I can honestly say it has sprung up on me. Surprise! Between life things and venturing off into other nerd culture arenas, video games have been taking a bit of a back seat during this quiet before the storm that is the hugest video game trade show on the planet. In this episode of E-I-C Speaks I talk about each of this year’s E3 exhibitors, EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo, and what I expect to see, or what I do anticipate from their showings. There have already been some pre-E3 2016 trailers revealed and it’s only a matter of time until these gaming publishers get down to the nitty gritty. If we’re (un)lucky, perhaps we’ll get the usual spoilers and leaks beforehand

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E3 2015 Awards

This year, Erica represented SheAttack at E3! It was our first attendance to the big show and we look forward to attending more in the future.  Now that E3 2015 is all said and done, Erica is now starting the tradition of our very own E3 Awards here at SheAttack! She names off games that win the categories of Best Presentation, Best Reveal, Best Surprise, Best Indie, and Most Fun!

From high potential indies to triple A titles, E3 was nothing short of remarkable this year. There were many game reveals that had many gamers thinking this was the best E3 in years so it wasn’t easy picking these winners by no means! Which games stood out above the rest and impressed at this year’s E3? Watch and see who wins!

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This year was the first time in E3 history that Bethesda had their own press conference, leading to nothing but major hype for Bethesda fans to look forward to in the upcoming season. Bethesda spilled out everything they’ve been working on for years and made our dreams come to life: a massive revealing of almost all of their popular franchises, starting with the return of Doom, which was just absolutely glorious in all it’s gory goodness. They also revealed Dishonored 2, with a few new elements and a surprising twist in the series, as well as a couple new updates on Battlecry, including some new information on an upcoming beta. There’s also an expansion coming to ESO that reveals two new cities to explore. Last but not least, Fallout 4 was announced with a lot of big news for the fans of the series. Bethesda also mentioned a new community hub for all things Bethesda that will be “Bethesda.net.” Bethesda really seemed to be prepared for E3 this year, and I have to admit, for their first time ever they were quite flawless and had no disappointments.

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Girls, Girls, Girls!

Female Protagonists

So another E3 has come and gone, and all we have to remember it by is the promise of a crap ton of awesome new games coming to us in the future. There was a great turnout by all, and there’s a lot to look forward to: games getting remastered, new systems, new sequels, new titles, and old favorites now backwards compatible on your old systems. It’s all so beautiful!

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This year in particular, E3 week has been incredibly exciting. Our very own Erica was fortunate enough to witness the happenings first hand. One portion of that is an interview she conducted with Andy Hall, lead writer for Total War: Warhammer, a mashup of The Creative Assembly’s Total War series’ iconic gameplay and Game Workshop’s Warhammer’s atmosphere. In the interview, Andy discusses with us the idea surrounding the latest installment of Total War and what gamers can expect. Erica also asks questions about the Total War series that some of you newcomers may want to know upon the games release. Andy Hall reveals that Total War: Warhammer will be the first of a trilogy. Please watch the video interview below for all of the details.

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Horizon Zero Dawn

It’s mid-June, which means that yet another E3 has come and gone. Gamers across the globe tuned into online live stream conferences to get their fix on the biggest gaming news and announcements of the year. From long awaited new entries into cult favorite series such as Kingdom Hearts and Mirror’s Edge, to info on new IPs like The Last Guardian and Horizon Zero Dawn, this year’s E3 was packed with all kinds of games for almost any fan. Here’s a look at 10 games to watch from E3 2015:

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Underdelivered is a vast understatement.

Nintendo at E3

Nintendo had every opportunity in the world to wow us again this E3. They stirred up fan excitement with the Pre-E3 Super Smash Bros. announcement that Roy from Fire Emblem, a coveted returning character, and Ryu from the Street Fighter series, newcomer, will now be playable characters as DLC. They also hosted the Nintendo World Championship in the same theater where they hosted last year’s most exciting Super Smash Bros. Invitational, easily one of the best highlights in E3 history. There were 9 awesome Nindies, or indie games on the eShop that released for free during the week of E3. It only made sense that when it came down to Nintendo’s Digital Event, the expectation was that Nintendo would deliver – just as they did last year using the same formula. Yeah, that definitely didn’t happen. Nintendo began their presentation with a hilarious skit using Muppet versions of Reggie Fils-aime, Satoru Iwata, and Shigeru Miyamoto walking down a studio hallway in very epic fashion to the Bowser’s Lava Lake Keep theme from Super Mario 3D World. At this point, my hype levels had elevated. I could not contain my anticipation for what I was theoretical about to witness.

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During E3, I had the privilege of playing Drawn To Death, a free-to-play game coming soon by David Scott Jaffe and The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. Known for it’s unique art style, Drawn To Death is a third-person shooter that looks to bring something special to arena shooters, and I’m convinced it’s a sleeper hit in the making. What makes this game even more amazing is that it is going to be free-to-play!