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This is all of the information the SheAttack team covered from E3.

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E3 is just around the corner and anticipation is growing here at SheAttack. Attending our first E3 this year, we are more than ready to bring you some great content! Now is the time to predict, speculate, and wish! Here are some things I am hoping to see from the big three; Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

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Time to jump on the hype train.

This year will be the first time ever in E3 history that Bethesda will be doing their own press conference. This could only lead to one thing – tremendous news for Bethesda Fans for the upcoming season. For the past couple of years there’s been nothing but speculations and rumors hinting towards possible Bethesda Games such as Dishonored, Elder Scrolls, and of course Fallout. But in a few weeks Bethesda will finally put those rumors to an end and tell us what’s what.

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X Marks the Spot!

Microsoft really had an AMAZING E3 this year giving us straight talk on the actual games and I’ll honestly say that I’m hooked from what I saw. It seems like Microsoft has been listening to it’s fans and has now caught on to give us what we want. The lineup for upcoming Xbox One exclusives ranges from everything including adventure, to indie, to  shooters and even to a strange mixture of all three of those things. We’ve been teased with some entirely new games that appear on this list, and a couple games popped back up from memory lane.

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It’s been a few weeks since gamers and developers from around the world gathered in Los Angeles at E3 2014 to do what we do best: GAME. From Ubisoft to Electronic Arts and also the big three: Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony showed off new games. After re-watching all of the major conferences and checking out gameplay demos, I complied my top ten games from E3 list. New exclusives were not as prevalent as I thought they would be but remastered games and old gems made up for it. This year, multi-platform games killed it and in my opinion, even saved Sony’s Conference from being mediocre at best.