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This category is related to anything you missed and we covered from major conventions or events.

What To Expect At E3 2016

With E3 just right around the corner, there’s so much being said and so much to speculate as to what to look forward to...

Warcraft Movie Early Screening: Get Your Bottom in a Seat Tonight

Without a doubt, World of Warcraft is by far one of the most popular MMORPGS of all time. World of Warcraft's success has resulted...
E3 2016

E3 2016 & Expectation vs. Anticipation: What’s Your Stance? | E-I-C Speaks

E3 2016 is quickly approaching and on a personal note, I can honestly say it has sprung up on me. Surprise! Between life things...
PAX East 2016 Logo

PAX East 2016: Up and Coming Indies

It's officially been just over a few weeks since PAX East and now that I don't have my hands filled with final exam prep,...

3 Awesome Indie Games at PAX South 2016

The second annual PAX South has come to an end, but with it kickstarts another exciting year of Penny Arcade Expo's around the world....
Extra Life

Junkie Monkeys X SheAttack @ExtraLife4Kids Twitch Extravaganza

Hello lovely people of the interwebs! We at SheAttack would like to announce that we, and our affiliates at JunkieMonkeys.com, will be hosting a LIVE...
Paris Week

PlayStation at Paris Games Week Thoughts & Recap

Erica discusses the games she thought looked their best at Paris Games week. She discusses games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Star Wars: Battlefront, and...

Noob Corner – The Magic the Gathering Board Game

I might start getting into this Magic the Gathering thing, especially when you can translate something like a card game into a fairly simple...

Tinertia: Hardcore Platforming Without Jumping – PAX Prime 2015

Out of the many awesome things shown at PAX Prime 2015, Tinertia was by far one of my favorite things. Published by Reverb and...

Hands-On With HOB: Beautiful New Adventure Game

HoB is a beautiful, new adventure game that I think you will all end up enjoying. It displays itself in a stunning to look...