Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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This category is related to anything you missed and we covered from major conventions or events.

Triforce Heroes

Are you ready for Triforce Heroes?

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year Nintendo made an announcement about a new addition to the beloved Legend of Zelda series. No, it...
gigantic motiga

Motiga on ‘Gigantic’: Xbox One and Windows 10 Integration Explained

At PAX Prime, we were very lucky to be invited to a closed demo with the Motiga Games team on Microsoft exclusive title, Gigantic. Gigantic...

ChronoBlade – The Multiplayer Mobile Game

ChronoBlade is a new phone game from nWay with MMO features and a phenomenal and extensive system that looks great on both tablets and...

Hyper Light Drifter at PAX Prime 2015

Fan-girling aside - no wait, that's really what I'm here to do anyways, so let's go! First off, I don't think you all know how...

Fate Tectonics: Satisfy for the Sake of the World

Fate Tectonics was one of those fairly hard to find indie games that I honestly wouldn't have heard about if my colleagues hadn't told...
Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft Story Mode – Telltale, Mojang Bring Minecraft to Life

By far, my favorite part of PAX Prime was the undeniably cool Telltale Games booth which feaured their upcoming release of Minecraft Story Mode expected...

Release Date in Sight for Kingdom Hearts 3

Sometime Soon? Before Kingdom Hearts 2 was released, Square Enix announced that they would be starting work on the sequel very shortly; that was several...
Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero Barrel Rolls into PAX Prime 2015

At PAX Prime 2015, I was given an opportunity to see Star Fox Zero up close and personal. Present were the usual suspects –...

Indie Game Making Contest 2015: What I Learned

I am not a programmer. Let's just start by establishing that. I am also not an artist. I am a writer. That said, it...

RTX 2015: RWBY, Red vs. Blue, Acheivement Hunter, & More

After months of preparation and hype, this past weekend, Rooster Teeth held its fourth annual Rooster Teeth Expo celebrating all things internet and gaming....