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This is all of the information the SheAttack team covered at PAX East.

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It’s officially been just over a few weeks since PAX East and now that I don’t have my hands filled with final exam prep, I’m happy to give you the games that caught my eye at this year’s PAX East. The Indie Megabooth was full to the brim with great games and the ones here are just a few of the great games that were shown. 

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Imagine. It’s 7 years after the Zombie Apocalypse in the city of Montreal. As the city is located on an island surrounded by water, Montreal is one of the most ideal places for such an occurrence. The remaining population of the city is still fighting to carry on with life after the initial fear of the outbreak. New communities emerge and fall apart, but one thing is certain – survival is key. This isn’t another “The Walking Dead”, “Night of the Living Dead”, or “Left 4 Dead” story. This is Z’isle, a new perspective of the after-zombie life.

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Attending PAX East 2014 has so far been my favorite experience this year! This year’s PAX had the full experience: A massive horde of gamers, new games we’ve all been dying to check out, developers and video game celebs galore, free swag, and all of the gaming panels you could ask for! This was my first time ever visiting and I may have been a deer in the headlights, but I wish to share my experience with you all with the many photos I snapped. Let’s get into it!

New IPs Are Always Good

Square Enix’s Murdered Soul Suspect isn’t what I expected it to be, especially after what I gathered from the launch trailer. After playing it for myself, I am still intrigued with what was presented at that booth this weekend. I played only a small segment of the game, as the show floor was about to close, but from what I did get a chance to play I’m thinking it will be one I enjoy thoroughly. One of the reasons I was so eager to get my hands on the game is because it’s new. Lately feeling the brunt of the first person shooter and action game frenzy, it felt nice to end my day with the slower pace introduced in Murdered Soul Suspect.

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Evolve Steals Game of the Show at PAX East 2014

It’s been almost 5 years since the last time Turtle Rock Studios released the critically acclaimed  Left 4 Dead 2 on PC and Xbox 360. At PAX East 2014, the team finally unveiled their new asymmetrical cooperative/competitive shooter, Evolve, to the public. PAX media got a first hand look at the game and also saw a small demo that gave those attending a brief run-down. I must say for a person like myself who has never played any of the Left 4 Dead series, I was extremely impressed.

Nvidia Geforce

This evening, Nia and Jaleesa of SheAttack were able to witness what technology giants, NVIDIA had to show the public at PAX. We were also lucky enough to get more hands-on with the NVIDIA Shield, a portable device that boasts the power of your PC on the go. Upon entering the maze-like display, we were introduced to a virtual host, who’s name I don’t remember at the time, discussing why the NVIDIA Shield is the ultimate way to play games on the go. The NVIDIA Shield is a portable device that plays the most popular games that PC gamers enjoy. The NVIDIA Shield also plays Android games with the advantage of that controller-like design on the bottom half of it’s clamshell design. The NVIDIA Shield can also connect with other NVIDIA Shield devices via a Bluetooth connection for local and cooperative play. Not to mention, just like many other devices with a screen, you can watch Netflix, access certain applications, and listen to music.