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This is all of the information the SheAttack team covered at PAX East.

Turtle Rock’s “Evolve” Stole the Show at PAX East 2014

Evolve Steals Game of the Show at PAX East 2014 It's been almost 5 years since the last time Turtle Rock Studios released the critically...

Hands on with Fable Legends at PAX East 2015

PAX East 2015 was filled with big name titles, and Microsoft's booth was certainly no exception. Halo 5 and Battlefield: Hardline were two of...
Nvidia Geforce

NVIDIA Shield Impressions and Interview – PAX East 2014

This evening, Nia and Jaleesa of SheAttack were able to witness what technology giants, NVIDIA had to show the public at PAX. We were...

Murdered Soul Suspect Hands-On Impressions – Pax East 2014

New IPs Are Always Good Square Enix's Murdered Soul Suspect isn't what I expected it to be, especially after what I gathered from the launch...