Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Safe While Gaming: Cut 2 – Kinect, Xbox Media and Video Uploading Privacy

The Xbox Privacy Statement outlined for the average Joe to understand in the Safe While Gaming Guide series.

Gaming Release Guide: Jan-Mar 2014

Winding down for the year or gearing up for finals? Well forget about that because there are some big games coming out in the...

How Do Game Developers Cope With Sudden Windfalls

Helping video game developers cope with sudden windfalls with a short To-Do list and ways to show support for other peer developers.
GTA Online Deviant Art

Grand Theft Auto Online Launch

I outline the Grand Theft Auto Online Launch and Accessibility Details. I also outline several new details for Crew Management, Character Creation and other GTA Online areas.
Safe While Gaming Guide Xbox

Safe While Gaming: Xbox Privacy Statement Outlined ~Cut 1: Personal Information~

Microsoft updated their Xbox Privacy Statement as of November. For those on the go, I outline key points needed to know before getting the Xbox One.

For the Gamer on a Budget: Tips for Survival

Walking through the mall, I cringe when passing by GameStop. There was a time when I would be stuck in that place for an...

SheAttack’s Guide to PAX East 2015

PAX East 2015 is this weekend, which means thousands of gamers will flock to the biggest city in New England to celebrate the video...

SheAttack’s Guide to Your Black Friday Video Game Deals

The holidays are perhaps the best time of the year for gamers. Black Friday has some of the hottest gaming deals of the year,...
Fallout Facts

Swiftly Learn About Fallout With These Facts

One of the greatest things about the Fallout series, aside from its exceptional and addicting gameplay, is its story. It's what makes Fallout, Fallout....

The Hype Guide: How to Avoid Disappointment

There's nothing quite like a new game release. Whether for the gameplay mechanics, better graphics, or new ideas, you're hyped. Maybe you've been waiting for a...