Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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This category is for previews and impressions on things that has recently or has yet to release.

Gears of War 4 Campaign Gameplay Shows Marcus Fenix By Your Side

Calling all Gear heads! We are less than three months away from the release of the long anticipated Gears of War 4! Today, Microsoft...
Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus: New Addiction Confirmed (Impressions)

Exceeding my expectations astronomically, Riders of Icarus, as the title implies, has me totally engulfed. On release day I downloaded the free to play MMORPG...

Boss-Fight Game Furi Leaves A Lasting Impression

What I love most about gaming is when a game comes out and it's so much of what I wanted - and I just...
Score Rush Extended Out Now on PS4!

Score Rush Extended: Old School Fun Out Now On PS4

#1 Japan shmup Score Rush Extended is the latest entry from Xona Games' Score Rush series of fast-paced shooters and is now available on the Playstation Store in NA! Here...

Subnautica: What’s Under The Water

Having a bad day Imagine being accepted to work on the Aurora, an enormous ship for data collection. You are super excited for this opportunity...

Praise The Sun: Dark Souls III Is Here!

The day has finally come to once again praise the sun. My most anticipated game, Dark Souls III is finally here. I am somewhat new to...

Good Robot – Gooder than those other robots

Good Robot is the newest game from Pyrodactyl games, creators of Unrest  and Will Fight For Food. Good Robot is a simple game that...
Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Street Fighter is one of most iconic and beloved fighting games to ever hit the gaming market. Capcom has been putting out franchise installments...
Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon Lumberyard: What You Need to Know

By now we've all heard about Amazon Lumberyard, the free 3D game engine Amazon created based off CryEngine.  Is it really as free as...

3 Awesome Indie Games at PAX South 2016

The second annual PAX South has come to an end, but with it kickstarts another exciting year of Penny Arcade Expo's around the world....