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Helping video game developers cope with sudden windfalls with a short To-Do list and ways to show support for other peer developers.

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Game industry frontrunner, Naughty Dog, as well as others, Wargaming America , Machinima's Rooster Teeth and ASTRO Gaming will join gamers May 17-18, to...

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This month has been jammed packed with news. From Jack Trenton stepping down, the South Park: Stick of Truth game release, and a brand...

Flappy Bird Game Screens by Forbes.com

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Flappy Bird came and it went just like the starting life you get when you first play the game. But how does it continue making money?

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"Nintendo Girls Club," a YouTube channel created by Nintendo UK, has been causing a great deal of debate in the gaming community - as...

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Amazon has recently bought Double Helix, the studio that created Killer Instinct for the Xbox One. What does this mean? Well for one, it...

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The #1ReasonToBe panel exploring what it means to be a woman in the gaming industry will be returning to the Game Developers Conference this...

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According to this photo from Zelda Informer, approximately 10 Wii U exclusives are slated to release in 2014. Among these titles are highly anticipated...

Super Mario 3D World

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Nintendo's new business structure could be the quality mobile gaming needs. Whether good or bad, Nintendo is making moves to get into the mobile market.

Nintendo Japan

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In lieu of Nikkei's latest news regarding Iwata and other Nintendo executives taking pay cuts due to financial losses and other company concerns, many individuals,...