Tuesday, December 12, 2017


This category is related to industry inside information and personnel outside of the products they make.

No PS4 and Xbox One at Launch: 8th Generation Limbo

This month is receiving a lot of attention due to the anticipation of the 8th generation consoles releasing in mere days. As the current...

Witch Beam Explains Why Cactus Won’t Be on Xbox One, Clarifies PS4 Comments

In a SheAttack exclusive interview with the makers behind Assault Android Cactus, Witch Beam discusses why their new venture will not be debuting on...

Saying Good-bye to Last Generation Game Consoles

The new consoles are on the horizon. We have little over a month until the Playstation 4 makes its debut and a week later...

Witch Beam Says PS4 Makes 60 FPS Easy; Internet Overreacts

Witch Beam developer Sanatana Mishra unintentionally caused a stir when pledging that all versions of their game, Assault Android Cactus, would run at 60...

Candlelight – A New Light for The Indie Game Industry

During this generation of gaming, we have seen independent, or “indie” games rise in relevancy and popularity. Small development teams have made big noise...
It Takes More Than Passion Graphic Art

It Takes More Than Passion: The Struggle

It Takes More than Passion is an editorial series about the pros and cons of working in the gaming industry. The Struggle is a view on finding relevance in the industry.