Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Safe While Gaming: Cut 2 – Kinect, Xbox Media and Video Uploading Privacy

The Xbox Privacy Statement outlined for the average Joe to understand in the Safe While Gaming Guide series.
Safe While Gaming Guide Xbox

Safe While Gaming: Xbox Privacy Statement Outlined ~Cut 1: Personal Information~

Microsoft updated their Xbox Privacy Statement as of November. For those on the go, I outline key points needed to know before getting the Xbox One.

Hands On Xbox One – New Controller and Game Exclusives

Last month I went to Microsoft’s Xbox One Tour in Chicago. This event gave gamers the chance to get their hands on the new...
Safe While Gaming Guide Xbox

Safe While Gaming Guide – Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Learn to be safe while gaming on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Includes tips, strategies and detailed outline of policies for privacy and online safety.