Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Xbox One Bundle Deal: Which One Do You Want?

Update: Amazon.com is currently honoring these prices for pre-order on the Assassin's Creed & Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundles! No need to wait...
Safe While Gaming Guide Xbox

Safe While Gaming Guide – Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Learn to be safe while gaming on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Includes tips, strategies and detailed outline of policies for privacy and online safety.

Titanfall Incoming: My Concerns – Bots, Bots, and More Bots

Titanfall is the new FPS on the rise created by heavy hitter veterans, however, I still have a few concerns to express.

Oculus Rift and Sony Get More Competition! Microsoft Working on VR Headset

Rumors have surfaced that Microsoft is working on a virtual reality headset to compete with the Oculus Rift and Sony's VR headset Project "Morpheus"...
Xbox One | Love

Microsoft Is Regaining Gamers’ Affection

After Sony’s conference and PS4 reveal in February, gamers everywhere were ecstatic. Sony revealed some of the most interesting looking titles that simply took...

Hands On Xbox One – New Controller and Game Exclusives

Last month I went to Microsoft’s Xbox One Tour in Chicago. This event gave gamers the chance to get their hands on the new...
Phil Spencer Limbo Shirt

Microsoft Pleads for Gamers’ Affection…Again

But Has it Fallen on Deaf Ears? In all of my years of gaming, I would have never guessed that I'd be in a position...

Hands on with Fable Legends at PAX East 2015

PAX East 2015 was filled with big name titles, and Microsoft's booth was certainly no exception. Halo 5 and Battlefield: Hardline were two of...

Xbox One Kinect 2.0 Interface Demo: What Stands Out

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc4pyTA1PF8 In this video, we have Marc Whitten and Yusuf Mehdi demonstrate the interface for the Xbox One using the Kinect 2.0. Here is what...

Safe While Gaming: Cut 2 – Kinect, Xbox Media and Video Uploading Privacy

The Xbox Privacy Statement outlined for the average Joe to understand in the Safe While Gaming Guide series.