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Microsoft Is Regaining Gamers’ Affection

After Sony’s conference and PS4 reveal in February, gamers everywhere were ecstatic. Sony revealed some of the most interesting looking titles that simply took...
Safe While Gaming Guide Xbox

Safe While Gaming Guide – Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Learn to be safe while gaming on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Includes tips, strategies and detailed outline of policies for privacy and online safety.

Microsoft Announces Self-Publishing on the Xbox One!

Indie developers are rejoicing! Microsoft has officially announced plans to allow self-publishing on the Xbox One.  To make it even sweeter, the Xbox One...
Petition to Bring Back Xbox One's Features

Petitioners Plead With Microsoft To Bring Back Xbox One’s Restrictive Features

There is a petition dedicated to convincing Microsoft to bring back the initial features that were, ultimately, scraped for the Xbox One. The creator...