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This category is for everything NOT gaming.

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Today's article will be a lot less formal. Let's cue Ru Paul's "Supermodel", shall we? Yes, I'm in that type of mood. Let's begin. Reminded by...

Black Gaming

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I give a real talk about the state of the Black Gaming Community. I offer my suggestions of improving the community including being unified.

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Potential Spoilers: Yeah might seem weird putting this here, but if you haven't played the game or had it spoiled for you until now...

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Phil Fish, creator of the game Fez, quit the video game business. We all heard about it. His reason was “to get away from...

Safe While Gaming Guide Xbox

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Learn to be safe while gaming on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Includes tips, strategies and detailed outline of policies for privacy and online safety.

Siobhan Reddy GameReactor

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Just by commenting about how women are being treated in the gaming community and the workplace or take a pro-women in gaming stance can...