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The Song of Seven

On this edition of Quick Kicks, we’ll be discussing Kickstarter campaign The Song of Seven: Chapter 1 by Enlightened Games. The Song of Seven: Chapter 1 is about main characters Kiba, whom is on the verge of adulthood and dodging the responsibility of village chieftain in his father’s place, and his new friend Emma, who’s a tad bit mysterious possessing a knack for invention and alchemy. Together they will journey through their world discovering things that could change the dynamic of their way of living. The video below will give you everything you need to know about The Song of Seven and where you need to go to support the campaign if you so choose.

Madden Ultimate Team

As a lover of sports titles dating way back in the day to the era of NBA Jam or Techmo Bowl, the genre has always been my favorite.  I have decided to bring fellow sports lovers a new series dedicated to Madden 15 Ultimate Team and NBA 2K15 MyTeam. With this series I want to discuss the fundamentals of each sport and how to get better while sharing my love for the series. This will give me a chance to also discuss current sports news and keep you fellow gamers up to date with what’s happening in the real sports world with happenings such as NCAA March Madness, the NBA Draft, trades, and all things pertaining, with demonstrative gameplay to exhibit my points.

Super Cordon Bleu

Hello lovelies and welcome to the first ever Quick Kicks! In these biweekly piece of wonder and majesty, I will be introducing to you the newest and most promising Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Steam Greenlight campaigns!  This episode is all about Super Cordon Bleu, a modern day take on the games of old! Get ready to take your wallet mind on one of the most satisfying and draining journeys it has ever had the privilege to embark upon.