Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Does The Sims 4: City Living Live Up To It’s Name?

So Much to See When I first heard rumors flying around about a The Sims 4 expansion I thought to myself, “hmm, this seems like...
Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus: New Addiction Confirmed (Impressions)

Exceeding my expectations astronomically, Riders of Icarus, as the title implies, has me totally engulfed. On release day I downloaded the free to play MMORPG...

Subnautica: What’s Under The Water

Having a bad day Imagine being accepted to work on the Aurora, an enormous ship for data collection. You are super excited for this opportunity...
blackwell series

The Blackwell Series: A Journey Through Death

It Starts in Tragedy Death. It’s a mystery to us. It's something that's eternal and permanent - and some of us are afraid of it....
This War of Mine

This War Of Mine: The Untold Story of War

The Other Side of War When we hear the word war, we automatically think of the military fighting the other side for a cause and...

Obscure Indie, OFF, Equals Purification in Progress

With the recent hype around Undertale that has cropped up, I was reminded of an obscure little French game from 2008 that I quite enjoyed. OFF, a product of Unproductive Fun Time and...

Ib: Indie Horror Game to Die For

Misfortune has found you. Imagine, you are a little girl named Ib. Today, you and your mama and papa decide to visit an art gallery...
circa infinity

Circa Infinity: Pixel Pusher or Fantastic Simplicity?

Circa Infinity is a very simple game with very simple pixel graphics. In fact, so far I've only seen three colors in the game: white,...

Interview with Richard Lewis

On March 26th, I was afforded the opportunity to interview e-Sports journalist Richard Lewis. Richard is sort of a polarizing entity as far as...

Interview with The H31P of Area of Defect

This time I sit down to talk with The H31P of Area of Defect. We chat about kids these days and technology, the LoL...