Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Decoding the Casters: Keywords for Worlds

With Worlds currently going on, I’ve seen a lot of people on my Twitter feed say that they are new either watching competitive League...

Onigiri Review: A Japanese MMORPG Headed West

Onigiri, an action MMORPG developed by Cyberstep, makers of Cosmic Break and GetAmped2, was launched officially a couple of weeks ago for Western audiences. Now that...

Dungeon Souls PC [Review]

Dungeon Souls is a game developed by Lamina Studios that came out officially this year, after being in early access. As the name suggests,...
ReVeN Prologue

ReVeN: X-Bridge Free Beta Now Available

Play Sh*t for Free Starting With ReVeN: X-Bridge Makers behind Metroidvania-styled sidescroller, ReVeN, created quite the buzz with its heavy Super Metroid inspired art style...

Solforge – Forging a Path

We all know about TCG game (Trading card games) wether you got into Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, Yugioh and any number of other card...

ObsCure I & II Now On Steam: Co-op Horror Returns!

Ah, the early 2000’s brought us so many great survival/horror titles. Just to name a couple: Silent Hill 2, Clocktower 3, Siren, Fatal Frame,...
The Sims 3

EA Releases Update for The Sims 3

When Sims 4 came out on September 2, 2014 Electronic Arts’ focus shifted to promoting the brand new game. Despite the updated game, a...

Final Fantasy III Could Be Heading To PC

A listing on the German Entertainment Software Self-Regulatory Body suggests that Final Fantasy III could possibly come to PC. Polygon reports "Final Fantasy 3...
Six Miles Under

Six Miles Under Looks Pretty Damn Awesome

Poland-based development team Looney Bin Studios have officially launched their Kickstarter campaign for Six Miles Under, a game set in a 2D post-apocalyptic underground city....
Endless Legend Wallpaper

Endless Legend 4X Strategy Game Early Access

The Endless Legend 4X Strategy Game by Amplitude Studios Early Access on Steam is now available.