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With Worlds currently going on, I’ve seen a lot of people on my Twitter feed say that they are new either watching competitive League of Legends or new to LoL in general. Seeing as how I haven’t done any LoL content in a while, I decided Worlds was a great time to both get some LoL content and help people understand what is going on during the broadcasts.

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Talking About Smite + Teleport Top

Your third pick calls top and locks in Hecarim. Seems standard right? The pony has been a standard pick since Riot’s Season 5 changes. So far so good. But then it hits you. Smite and Teleport.  A flurry of thoughts cross your mind – is he trolling? Is he actually going to play jungle? So I have to dodge this game?  What in the world is going on?

On March 26th, I was afforded the opportunity to interview e-Sports journalist Richard Lewis. Richard is sort of a polarizing entity as far as those who like League of Legends goes. I say this not because the community either loves or hates him, which is true in of itself, but because the community happens to have selective memory about what he writes about.

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Starting off the AD Carry Academy from A-Z is Ashe, the Frost Archer. Her kit includes a passive crit chance that stacks after three seconds of being out of combat. When the passive reaches 100, it will give a guaranteed crit on any neutral, or enemy minion, or champion. Her Q is called Frost Shot, which is a toggleable slow, her W is called Volley, which is a cone damaging slow, as long as there is a rank in Frost Shot. Her E is called Hawkshot, which is a straight line vision revealing ability that reveals an area for a length of 5 seconds. This ability also gives Ashe 3 additional gold for each kill, minion, neutral or champion. Her ultimate, called Crystal Arrow, is a straight line, global damaging arrow that will stun the first champion that it encounters, with an area of effect (AoE) slow within a small radius around the collision point.

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After Braum was released, Riot promised us that the next champion release would be a Top laner. I was fairly excited. Even though I knew it wasn’t going to turn out this way, but I was really hoping it was going to be Ao Shin. Visually, he would have been something totally different to the Top lane. But, that would end up not to be. Instead we got Gnar, the Missing Link.

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The Lonely Island: A look at Top Lane Meta

In the last edition of It’s the Climb, I went over the ban phase. It’s funny how I can write something like that, and the meta can see a crazy shift since. Some of those champions aren’t very ban worthy at the moment. Season 4 has introduced some drastic changes to League. From the change to vision to the change to Bloodthirstier, Season 4 shook up what we all considered the status quo. The Top lane has seen a huge shift in meta since the beginning of the season, so let’s take a look at the state of the Top lane.