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Riders of Icarus is also great for newcomers to the genre.

Riders of Icarus

Exceeding my expectations astronomically, Riders of Icarus, as the title implies, has me totally engulfed. On release day I downloaded the free to play MMORPG on Steam and it’s literally the only game I want to play right now. Normally games of this genre don’t capture me and I expected to delete it the day after. With most free to play games seems like, this is my routine. Admittedly a keyboard and mouse scrub, I’ve succumbed to learning the controls to dive into Riders of Icarus further. Luckily for me, although I’m not that familiar with keyboard and mouse controls, Riders of Icarus is easy to grasp for beginners and it feels intuitive to play. That includes the mount combat, which is fantastic once you master it.

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The popular free-to-play MMORPG, Blade and Soul got another trailer of its newest upcoming content, coming to the game on March 23rd. After the Warlock expansion just a few weeks ago a lot of new blood has been added to the pool so hopefully this content is enough to keep them for a while longer.