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Dying Light - Good Night, Good Luck

Zombie Games That You Must Play

A widely popular trope in media today is the undead. Shows like The Walking Dead have captivated a huge audience. I’m not so sure...

The Jackbox Party Pack 2 Review [PC]

Party games are a staple in my house. I have a huge family and when we have parties, sometimes regular video games just don’t...

Undertale Dev Hints At Possible Expanded Content

Toby “Radiation” Fox’s Twitter is often a pleasant read - be it his silly comments about daily life or the thanks he gives to...
The Sims 3

EA Releases Update for The Sims 3

When Sims 4 came out on September 2, 2014 Electronic Arts’ focus shifted to promoting the brand new game. Despite the updated game, a...

Obscure Indie, OFF, Equals Purification in Progress

With the recent hype around Undertale that has cropped up, I was reminded of an obscure little French game from 2008 that I quite enjoyed. OFF, a product of Unproductive Fun Time and...

PC Gamers Beware! Fallout 4 Lacks Full Disc!

"What blasphemy is this? Your betrayal serves as a reminder of the division that has occurred in the past. It's not too late lost...

Ib: Indie Horror Game to Die For

Misfortune has found you. Imagine, you are a little girl named Ib. Today, you and your mama and papa decide to visit an art gallery...

Decoding the Casters: Keywords for Worlds

With Worlds currently going on, I’ve seen a lot of people on my Twitter feed say that they are new either watching competitive League...

BioShock: An Amazing Series

The Catch Every once in a while, there is a game that comes along that entertains the masses. Some may captivate us with great graphics or...
circa infinity

Circa Infinity: Pixel Pusher or Fantastic Simplicity?

Circa Infinity is a very simple game with very simple pixel graphics. In fact, so far I've only seen three colors in the game: white,...