Saturday, October 21, 2017
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dayz h1z1

DayZ vs. H1Z1: Survival of the Fittest Battle Royal

It seems like every other day there's a new early access title popping up on the Steam marketplace. Two of the earliest adopters of...
the sims 4

The Sims 4 ‘Get’s Together’ for a New Expansion Pack

A New Expansion Hey The Sims fans, are you ready for another expansion pack? If you are then you’re in luck! EA recently announced that...

Sequel Soliloquy: Psychonauts

Whether it’s the next Call of Duty game or the new Pokemon, sequels are always coming out, even when they really shouldn't be. Yet,...

Total War: WARHAMMER E3 Press Demo is Now Live

If you have been waiting for new Total War: WARHAMMER gameplay, you're in luck! Here is the press demo with commentary I was able...

Reaching for the Skyforge: Journey of Immortality

Just opening up on Open Beta is Skyforge, a new MMO with a fantasy-sci-fi feel where you, an immortal along with the rest of...

E3 2015 Interview: Total War: Warhammer w/ Andy Hall

This year in particular, E3 week has been incredibly exciting. Our very own Erica was fortunate enough to witness the happenings first hand. One...

It’s the Climb – Talking About Smite + Teleport Top

Talking About Smite + Teleport Top Your third pick calls top and locks in Hecarim. Seems standard right? The pony has been a standard pick...

Interview with Richard Lewis

On March 26th, I was afforded the opportunity to interview e-Sports journalist Richard Lewis. Richard is sort of a polarizing entity as far as...

Interview with The H31P of Area of Defect

This time I sit down to talk with The H31P of Area of Defect. We chat about kids these days and technology, the LoL...

Three Dead Zed: Happy Halloween Sale

There's nothing that says Happy Halloween better than playing a good Zombie game. But why do you have to set out to kill a...