Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Previews & Impressions

This category is for previews and impressions on things that has recently or has yet to release.

Endless Legend: A PC Preview

Spawnhellraiser takes us on an exploration trail and discovery with real-time and turned-based combat in the fantasy, 4X-Strategy game for PC, Endless Legend.

The Future is Bright: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Looks Good

Call of Duty is likely the most talked about FPS game of all time. The series has had some hits, some misses, and some gamers are nearly...

Hands-On With Salvaged: Dual Screens Never Felt So Right

Opposable Games was kind enough to send us over a pre-alpha copy of their upcoming game Salvaged. Salvaged is a tactical real-time action strategy...
ReVeN Prologue

Varia Games’ ReVeN Gets a Prologue Update

And very, very sexy background music on the official website John Rogeles of Varia Games, makers of ReVeN, a self-proclaimed Metroid inspired sidecrolling shooter-platformer, alarmed...

Cult County Early Footage Revealed – and it’s Beautiful

Cult County May Possibly be my First Survival-Horror Purchase To those of you that follow independent game company, Renegade Kid, the makers of Mutant Muddz,...
Dragon Age: Inquisition

New Dragon Age: Inquisition Environment Trailer

A new Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer showcasing new and stunning environments has been released. The environments look very beautiful and are quite a big step...

Heroes of the Storm Enters Alpha

After having an entire genre emerge from a mod of one of their own games, you would think Blizzard wouldn't be so late to...

Thief: Soon To Steal Gamers Feb 25th

A new spin on a beloved series, Thief gets a royal reboot.

Alien: Isolation Looks Promising. Very Promising!

After the last Aliens game, I'm sure several of us are a little wary of anything affiliated with that particular IP. With that being...

Awesome Game Spotlight: SpeedRunners

Thanks to the lovely application that is Steam and my elderly, yet surprisingly capable laptop, I have been enjoying some fantastic titles I wouldn't...