Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Nights: Into The Abyss

Part of Retro Month, I give my opinion about why Nights franchise is a let down.
Super Retro Trio Console

Retro Gaming Galore: Super Retro Trio Releases 2014

Retro gaming is looking good this year. Super Retro Trio, a 3 in 1 classic console, playing NES, SNES and Sega Genesis games releases around March 2014.

Golden Sun: A Golden Time in Gaming

Spoiler Alert: While I'll try to keep everything as vague as possible, I'll likely reference important parts of the game's plot. Be prepared! Whenever I'm...

The Women of Omikron: The Nomad Soul

Quantic Dream's Omikron: The Nomad Soul is an idiosyncratic universe with its bizarrely adorned citizens, otherworldly settings, and futuristic soundtrack provided by Xavier Despas....

My Top 5 SNES Games I Still Play

Super Nintendo will never die...as long as new consoles that keeping making SNES cartridge ports don't, otherwise, I'm screwed.

16 Most Played Video Games From My Childhood

In honor of retro month, I decided to take a look back into my 90’s childhood as a gamer. Growing up in the 90’s...

Happy Birthday Sonic – 23 on the 23rd!

Okay, so Sonic isn't exactly alive but characters can still have birthdays! On this day in 1991, Sonic made his first appearance in Sonic the...

Retro Review: The Legend of Dragoon

"3 years in the making with a development team of over 100 members," it says on the back of the four disc The Legend...

What The Star Fox Franchise Has Taught Me

It's hard to believe that Star Fox 64 is now 17 years old. Released July 1, 1997, Star Fox 64 took the franchise to...

Final Fantasy VII – The Power of Nostalgia

Potential Spoilers: Yeah might seem weird putting this here, but if you haven't played the game or had it spoiled for you until now...