Tuesday, December 12, 2017


This category is for rumors and speculation about what we may have heard.

Rumored, “The Last of Us 2”, to Release in 2015

Rumors have been surfacing that Naughty Dog has decided to begin working on the production of a sequel to "The Last of Us", in...
Apple TV and console gaming

Apple TV Versus Console Gaming: New Challenger Approaching?

Rumor has it that Apple’s digital media player, Apple TV not only has the ability to manage apps, stream movies, etc., but it is...

Is The Future of Gaming Aiming Toward Virtual Reality?

Now that the 8th generation consoles have released and new perks have been added to these newborn systems, the evolution of gaming continues to take...
Nintendo: Leave Luck to Heaven

Ubisoft’s Giving Up? Leave Luck to Heaven, Nintendo

Most of you should already be familiar with Emily Roger’s tweet regarding the warning she gave to Nintendo gamers in regard to purchasing Ubisoft’s...